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EasyVista Supplier

Call of an EasyVista WEB Service by a third party application

The X Company wants to create a Quick Call form in its Service Desk application then wants to follow the incidents in EasyVista.

  • The button [ SAVE ] of the Quick Call form is coded to:
    • Create the new incident in the third party Service Desk application;
    • Create the new incident in EasyVista, by calling the EasyVista  EZV_CreateRequest WEB Service with the necessary parameters.
  • The WEB Service returns the incident number of the incident created in EasyVista. 
  • The incident number is stored in the third party Service Desk application as external reference.

Call of an EasyVista WEB Service by an Excel application


Creation of an Xcel Spreadsheet            Extract of the associated Visual Basic for Applications code
Calculates a request and closes it; allows entering a comment of the action
Web service - exemple EV fournisseur.jpg            Web service - exemple EV fournisseur- code VBA.jpg


Search algorithm for an incident in EasyVista

The call of the EasyVista WEB Service for the update of an incident requires three information passed as parameters: number, unique key identifier, external reference of EasyVista incident.

A search algorithm processes these three information in a given order. During each step, if the record is found, the search is stopped and the processing by the WEB Service continues; otherwise, the search carries on by using the following parameter.

Steps of the algorithm:
Step 1: Searching, using the incident number
Step 2: If the record is found, end of the process; otherwise search using the identifier
Step 3: If the record is found, end of the process; otherwise search using the external reference
Step 4: If the record is found , end of the process; otherwise the WEB Service returns an error and the processing by the WEB Service is stopped

EasyVista Consumer

Usage of an external WEB Service in a workflow step

1. The IT manager wants to isolate incidents related to users that have forgotten their password and to process them automatically: Incidents attached to the topic Incidents/Passwords and processed to the workflow Reset Password. For that, it is necessary to:

  • Declare and configure the external WEB Service in EasyVista: Administration > Parameters WEB Services menu;
  • Create the topic Incidents/Passwords in the incidents catalog.
  • Create the workflow:
    • Process step: triggers the execution of the WEB Service
      • Action Type = WEB Service step
      • WEB Service = Automatic Password Reset
    • Notification step: sends the new password by email
      • Entry Conditions = Result True of the Process step
    • Error step: creates a log file including the error code is returned by the WEB Service if it could not generate a new password
      • Entry Conditions = Result False of the Process step

2. A new incident of the type Incidents/Passwords is reported to the hotline ==> The workflow is triggered:

  • Call of the external WEB Service by using the login of the user passed as parameter;
  • The WEB Service returns a new password to the user by email;
  • If an error occurs, a log file is generated.
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