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Parameters to access Web Services SOAP

The access to the Web Services SOAP Logo - EasyVista.png is not done directly via the SmoServer service. It is necessary to use a bridge produced in PHP being used on two files: WebService_Config.php and SmoBridge.php.

  • A bridge permits exposing a WEB server (PHP page) externally and not an executable that needs to own an access to the databases. 
  • When the bridge receives a SOAP call of a consumer, it converts it into a native SMOServer call (application server), retrieves the answer of the SMOServer, and then converts it into a SOAP message, which it returns to the consumer.


  • <easyvistapath> defines your /EasyVista folder on the Apache server
  • The address is case sensitive.

WebService_Config.php File

It allows defining the parameters for the bridge and to indicate which SmoServer must be called.

  • Location: http:// <easyvistapath> / Config/webservice_config.php

Parameters List

SMO_BROKER_PORT_ID (Note: Mandatory): Port of SMOBroker.

SMO_BROKER_ADDRESS (Note: Mandatory): IP Address of SMOBroker.


SMO_SERVER_ADDRESS (Note: Optional): IP Address of SMOServer. If it is not completed, the broker returns a valid IP Address of the SmoServer, in accordance to the algorithm of load balancing.

SmoWebService: Partial namespace defined in the WSDL.

Namespace: Namespace identifying the service.

Example documentation icon EN.png

define( "SMO_BROKER_PORT_ID" , 49358 );
define( "SMO_BROKER_ADDRESS" , '' );
define( "SMO_SERVER_PORT_ID" , 49359 );
define( "SMO_SERVER_ADDRESS" , "" );
define( "SmoWebService" , "SmoWebService" );
define( "Namespace" , "http:~/~/localhost/" . SmoWebService );
define( "CONST_WSDL" , "http:~/~/localhost/WebService/SmoBridge.php?wsdl" );
define( "CONST_DEBUG_MODE" , false );
define( "CONST_LOG_FILENAME" , "C:\www\EVO_WS\WsLog.txt" );
define( "CONST_DELPHI_WSDL" , "http:~/~/localhost/WebService/wsdl/IDelphiSmoWebService" );

SmoBridge.php File

It contains the necessary code for the interfacing of SOAP / SmoServer and all the specifications relating to the use of Web Services SOAP.

  • Location: http:// <easyvistapath> / WebService/SmoBridge.php
  • The detail of a Web Service allows to display all parameters that should be provided by the consuming application in order to use this service.

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