SOAP Web Services


SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a protocol based on XML for exchanging structured information in the implementation of web services. It is used by web services to send messages between remote objects. 


    Principle of operations:

1. A consumer carries out a request via a query near a supplier of Web Services.
2. The Web Service carries out the query then returns the answer to the consumer.
3. The consumer uses the answer in the framework of a third application which he has developed.

Product name - ev itsm.png can be:

  • Supplier of Web Services: The proposed services have professional features with well delimited perimeters.

    Example documentation icon EN.png  Component for the creation or putting on hold incidents in Product name - ev itsm.png)

    In this case, the third party application (eg.: Another service desk application) must call the Product name - ev itsm.png SOAP Web Service while passing the awaited parameters of the Web Service (eg.: Incident number of the incident to suspend); the processing is carried out as if Product name - ev itsm.png was active.
  • Consumer using external SOAP Web Services.

    Example documentation icon EN.png  Usage, during a workflow step, of an external component that reinitializes the passwords

    In this case, it is necessary to declare and to configure the external SOAP Web Service in the module Administration Parameters > WebServices menu before being able to access it by a step of a process (via an automatic action of WebService step type).

 Open url.png  see Web services examples


  • The development of the consuming part needs to be done by the consumer and must respect Logo - EasyVista.png WSDL that may be accessed at the following address http:// <easyvistapath> / WebService/SmoBridge.php.
    • <easyvistapath> = your EasyVista folder on the Apache server
    • Note: The address is case sensitive.
  • Naming rules of Product name - ev itsm.png SOAP Web Services:
    • EZV_(function name of the business rule).
    • If it is a system function: EZV_SYS_(function name).
  • Properties of Product name - ev itsm.png SOAP Web Services:
    • The parameters are case sensitive: You need to respect upper and lower case characters.
    • The expected value by the parameter is specified in the file SmoBridge.php (Example: Login: xsd:string).
    • When several parameters concern the same information, a search algorithm processes the parameters one by one and in a precise order until the corresponding record is found. If the record is not found, an error will be returned and the processing by Product name - ev itsm.png SOAP Web Service is stopped. In the description tables of Product name - ev itsm.png SOAP Web Services, the parameters related to this algorithm are regrouped and mentioned in the search order (Example: Group_ID - Group_Mail - Group_Name).
    • The error management is done via return codes (eg.: -1 = Product name - ev itsm.png database not found).

Best Practice big icon.pngBest practice

  • To avoid errors during the data entry of the parameters, use the Cut & Paste function from the descriptive file SmoBridge.php.
  • When you use a Web Service using an XML structure, refer to the database model Product name - ev itsm.png to codify the name of the fields and to avoid syntax errors.
  • Date type parameters: Respect the date format used in the country of the user connected to the application.
  • Label type parameters: Enter the defined labels in the language of the user connected to the application.
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