View  - Characteristics specific to versions 2016 and earlier


Note: This graphical user interface is specific to Product name - ev itsm.png version 2016 and earlier.

Open url.png See View form - latest version.


In any screen in List mode, click Edit icon.png to the right of the View drop-down list
         Access view.png

Screens in the View form

Last-level display of the view

Display grouping levels (drill-down)
         View - Final presentation - information.png

Display last-level information (List)
         View - Final presentation - drilldown.png

Configuration of a visual alert for a field

         View - alert.png

Access: Click Tools icon.png next to the field

  • Background Color: Background color for displaying the field value. By default, White or Blue, alternate rows.
  • Text Color: Color for displaying the field value. By default, Black.
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