ServiceNav - 2022 - Release Notes

Note: This is a version release document.
  • Some of the screenshots may show a slight difference compared to the release version as we are constantly seeking to improve the design and usability up until the release date.
  • The pages on the wiki detailing these differences will be updated soon. For more up-to-date information, please consult: Open url.png Wiki News

Important announcements

Migration of the ServiceNav platform (SNP) to Ubuntu 20.04

Note: This upgrade only applies to on-premises platforms.

From version 5.0 onwards, you can perform the migration of your ServiceNav platform (SNP) operating system to Ubuntu 20.04 (Note: The migration of ServiceNav Boxes to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS has been available since version 4.17).

This is a major upgrade with multiple enhancements related to security. As such, it involves prerequisites and platform unavailability.

Prerequisites to migration

  • Full Internet access is required during the entire migration process, including APT/CPAN calls.
  • 5 GB available disk space is required on the SNP.
  • Note: Due to the distributed nature of Ubuntu repositories, we are unable to provide a complete list of all sources upstream to the migration.

Platform unavailability

  • The upgrade is performed together with version upgrade 5.0. You should expect platform unavailability for approximately half a day.
  • The Ubuntu 20.04 SNP Master is available on the FTP.
  • Note: If you want to avoid this unavailability, a manual migration via the deployment of a new machine can be performed as a fee-based service by our teams.

Deprecation of classic dashboards

The Classic Dashboard functionality will reach its end of life in version 5.1. It will be replaced by the Dataviz module that already exists in earlier versions.

  • To anticipate this obsolescence, a warning will appear in the Classic Dashboard menu.
             Version 5_0 - Stop classic dashboard.png
  • As such, we recommend that you start deploying dashboards via the Dataviz module using widgets that are already defined, e.g. Status List, Estate, World Map, Map, etc.

Version 5.0 (01/04/2022)

What's new

Service templates

New service templates have been added for the following products: To find out more, please see the relevant product documentation.

  • Anaplan
  • DataDomain
  • Kubernetes
  • Web
  • Windows

Discover: Network interfaces - Change management

New functionalities can now facilitate maintenance operations for your IT assets and lower TCO costs significantly.

What's new in the Discover menu
New actions have been added to the Discover menu.

  • New actions in the Details form of monitored hosts:
    • (1) Run a discovery
    • (2) View the network interfaces that are detected but not monitored for a host
               Version 5_0 - Discover - Equipment detail form.png
  • New actions in the Configure > Discover menu:
    • (1) Run a discovery on a host currently being monitored
    • (2) View the network interfaces that are detected but not monitored for a host
    • (3) Filter the list of hosts with one or more changes
               Version 5_0 - Discover - Menu.png
  • New actions in the network interface monitoring window:
    • (1) View and modify the name, alias and description of a network interface
    • (2) Set up monitoring for a new network interface
    • (3) Filter the list of network interfaces currently being monitored
               Version 5_0 - Discover - View and monitor window.png

What's new in the network interface naming convention

  • A new naming convention now allows you to view the name (ifName) and alias (ifAlias) of a network interface in addition to its description.
  • New naming convention: <name> - <description> - <alias>
             Version 5_0 - Discover - New rule for name.png


  • This information is used by default when you set up monitoring for a new network interface.
  • If an item of information is unspecified, the extra dash will automatically be removed.


Dataviz: Improved user design

Several enhancements have been added to dashboards (Dataviz).

Enhancements in run mode
These improvements optimize readability in dashboards.

  • (1) Borders have been removed and empty spaces reduced
  • (2) Status List widget: The height of rows has been reduced
             Version 5_0 - Dataviz - New in Run mode.png

Enhancements in edit mode
These improvements make it easier to design dashboards.

  • (1) You can now simply click to rename a dashboard, without needing to validate
  • (2) You can now simply click to rename a widget, without needing to validate
  • (3) A contextual menu will now display all actions that can be performed in a widget
             Version 5_0 - Dataviz - New in Edit mode.png

Status List: New Tickets last 30 days column

If your ServiceNav solution is integrated with an ITSM tool, you can now display a new column called Tickets last 30 days in the Status List widget. This new functionality enables you to quickly identify recurring events that generate instability in an IT asset.

  • This new column displays the number of tickets created or associated over a rolling 30-day period for the component.
  • This data comes directly from ServiceNav via the ticket history, without querying your ITSM tool.
             Version 5_0 - Status list - New column tickets last 30 days.png
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