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   This is a version release document.

  • You will find only releases with new features on this page. To find releases with only bug fixes, please consult the Change Log pages.
  •  Some of the screenshots may show a slight difference compared to the release version as we are constantly seeking to improve the design and usability up until the release date.
  • The pages on the wiki detailing latest news will be updated soon. For more up-to-date information, please consult What's New in the Wiki page.

Important announcements

2021 - Build 2021.1.113.0+

Due to a significant infrastructure change, the hybrid mode where Service Manager is installed On-Premise and Service Apps is in the EasyVista SaaS is not available anymore. Both Service Manager and Service Apps have to be installed in the customer environment.

2021 - Build 2021.1.113.0
(11/15/2021 SaaS - 12/20/2021 On-Premise)

New style guide

The Service Manager graphic interface now provides a new set of colors in line with the new EasyVista logo and style guide.

New design for lists

          New interface - List.png

New design for forms

          New interface - Form.png

New display for forms in tabs

Now, in List mode, when you click the form number or the magnifying glass icon Display popup icon.png to open forms, the forms will appear in tabs. 

  • This new display enables you to open and view several records from a given list in dedicated tabs.
  • The number of tabs for opened forms cannot exceed six.
  • Click Open menu icon.png to return to the list of records.

          Forms - Display via tabs.png


  • A new button Reload form button.png enables you to refresh data when you return to the initial form after opening other forms.
  • You can manage the display of this button in Other Parameters in {ADMIN} Enable Form Auto Refresh. When you enable the parameter, the initial form will automatically be refreshed and the button will not appear.

example  The Incident form is refreshed after comments are entered and saved in one of the actions associated with it

Forms - Display via tabs - Note.png

Displaying the Actions timeline

New table display of the Actions timeline

The Actions timeline displays the history of actions performed for a given ticket. You can now display it in a table.


  • Click Timeline - Display via tab icon.png to switch to Table mode.
           Timeline - Display via timeline.png
  • Click Timeline - Full screen icon.png for a full screen display of the table.
  • Click Timeline - Display via timeline icon.png to return to Timeline mode.
           Timeline - Display via tab.png

Other enhancements

  • The display of the history is now expanded by default.
  • You can configure the fields displayed in the history in the form editor. To do so, click Edit icon.png in Timeline or Table mode.

          Timeline - Display history by default.png

Optimizing layouts

You can now optimize the layout using different parameters.

Note: The configuration is specific to each user.

Optimize the layout of the menu pane

You can now resize and minimize the menu pane.

Note: The configuration is specific to each user.

  • Click Hide pane icon.png at the top of the pane to minimize it.

          Menu pane - Open.png

  • When the menu pane is minimized, you can place the cursor over the Fundamentals - Menu - Display and hide pane with mouse hover icon.png icon to display it temporarily. The menu pane will be minimized again when the cursor is not on hover. Click Display pane icon.png again to expand the menu pane.

          Menu pane - Display and hide with mouse hover.png

  • Place the cursor on the right edge of the menu pane and click and drag left or right to resize the menu pane as required.

          Menu pane - Resize.png

Optimize the layout of the Full Text Search window

You can now resize the Full Text Search (FTS) window. You can also pin it to keep it displayed in the foreground, making it easier to view your search results.

Note: The configuration is specific to each user.

          Full-text window - Open.png

  • Click Ping window icon.png to pin the Full Text Search window and keep it displayed in the foreground. Click Hide window icon.png to minimize it.

          Full-text window - Ping.png

  • Place the cursor on the left edge of the FTS window and click and drag left or right to resize the window as required.

          Full-text window - Resize.png

Optimize the layout of forms

You can now resize the two panes containing the Related Elements tab and the More tab.

Note: The configuration is specific to each user and to each form. This means that an Incident form may have a different layout from an Employee form.

          Form - Resize.png

New functionalities

Favorites: Add lists with a User filter

You can now add lists where a User filter is applied to your favorites. You must first save the filter.


  • Define the User filter.
  • Save your changes.
  • Click Tools icon.png in the top banner to add it to your favorites.

          Favorite and user filter.png

Note: A warning will appear if you have not saved the User filter.

          Favorite and user filter - Error message.png

New wizards for duplication

Duplicate filters and views in reports

You can now duplicate filters and views associated with a report. This new functionality enables you to save considerable time, for example when you need to create several views differentiated only by their grouping criteria.

     Procedure to duplicate a view with a different grouping level:

  • Design a List view with all of the required fields for the report.
  • Click Duplicate icon.png to duplicate the original view. All of the fields in the duplicated view will be identical to the original view.
  • Modify only the grouping level which is different from the original view.

          Duplicate reporting.png

Duplicate service requests

You can now duplicate service requests.

  • You can access the wizard in any Service Request form.
  • The contents of the original service request, e.g. description, requestor, recipient or urgency, will automatically be duplicated. You can modify them if required.

          Duplicate service request.png

Manage authorized groups for ticket escalation

The new wizard Manage the transfer group list added to the Group Directory enable you to define the list of authorized groups to which tickets can be escalated.

This new functionality complements the management of unauthorized groups to which tickets cannot be escalated.

          Groups authorized.png

Manage access to reports

You can now define the visibility of reports by user profile.

          Reporting - Visibily by profile.png


  • Define your report.
  • Click Visibility.
  • Select the user profiles authorized to access your report using the two panes.
    • Left pane: Profiles authorized to view the report.
    • Right pane: Profiles not authorized to view the report.
             Reporting - Visibily by profile - Profiles list.png

Duplicate the menu with the profile

Now, when you duplicate a user profile, the menu associated with this profile is also duplicate.

Authorize a user profile to modify the customized menu

You can now specify whether or not a user profile can modify the customized menu available in the My Menu option found at the bottom of the menu pane. This option groups all menu items authorized for the user profile as well as the menu items added by each user.
       Profile - View my menu.png


  • Select Administration > Access Management > User Profiles in the menu.
  • Select the profile you want.
  • Select the Enable editing of My Menu box if the user profile is authorized to modify the customized menu. Note: This is the default option.
  • Unselect the box if the user profile is not authorized to modify the customized menu.

          Profile - Edit my menu.png

Define a default mail template for certain wizards

You can now define a default mail template for the following wizards:

  • Send Email to Requestor (HD – Send Mail to Requestor from Action or Request)
  • Notify Support Person (WF – Recovery Support)
  • Transfer (HD – Transfer Incident)


  • Select Administration > Parameters > Mail Templates in the menu to configure the mail template.
  • Run the wizard. The mail template will automatically be loaded.

          Mail Template.png

Use keywords in the Service Request Catalog

You can now add keywords to entries in the Service Request Catalog. This new functionality is used to display the Service Catalog in Service Apps using this list of keywords.

          Service request catalog - Keywords.png

Caution: As of build 2021.1.113.0, the Keywords field is displayed in the Service Request Catalog standard screen. If you have an earlier version and you will migrate to the 2021.1.113.0 version, the field is available in the database but you must add it manually on the Service Request Catalog form.

     Procedure to add the field manually on the form:

  • Select References > Catalogs > Service Request Catalog in the menu.
  • Open a record.
  • Switch to Edit mode by clicking on Browse grey points icon.png in the top banner, then on Edit form.
  • Drag the Keywords field at the top of the screen to the desired location.
  • Save your changes.
           Service request catalog - Keywords - Add field.png

What's new in Other Parameters

Mandatory restart indicated for EasyVista services

The list of parameters now includes a new column that indicates clearly if EasyVista services, such as smoBroker or smoServer, must be restarted once the parameter is updated.

Note: For SaaS-based customers, you must submit a request to restart services to the EasyVista CMC team.

          Other parameters with restart required.png

New parameters

  • {ADMIN} Enable Form Auto Refresh: When enabled, this new parameter will automatically refresh forms. In this case, the Reload form button.png button will not appear at the top of the form.
  • {SM} Launch the full-text search as soon as the side menu is opened when creating a ticket: When enabled, this new parameter will automatically run a full text search on the title entered when creating the ticket.

What's new in REST APIs

New OAuth2 authentication method

You can now use the new OAuth2 (custom) authentication method to call an external endpoint.


  • Select Administration > REST > Services in the menu to create a new service. Select the new OAuth2 (custom) authentication method.
    • Authentication Method: OAuth2 (custom).
    • Authorization Endpoint: URL called by Service Manager that will return a login page for manual authentication. Note: Mandatory if the third-party service has implemented this functionality.
    • Access Token Endpoint: URL of the token to be retrieved.
    • Scopes: This is generally a table that stores different authorization levels.
    • API ID Property Name : Property Name
    • API ID: Login.
    • Secret Key Property Name : Property Name
    • Secret Key: Secret key.
    • Callback URL: Server used for redirecting to the Service Manager Web line that will perform the REST call using OAuth authentication.
    • Token Method: Default, Basic or URI.
    • Body Param Type: Default or form-data or form-urlencoded.
    • Grant Type: Default or Client_credentials.

          New OAuth authentification - Service.png

  • Select Administration > REST > Connections in the menu to create a new connection for this service.
    • Connection Name: OAuth2.
    • Authentication Method: OAuth2 (custom).
    • Service Name: Name of the service you previously created.
    • Service URL: URL of the service you previously created.
    • Authentication parameters: Caution: You must click Edit icon.png and save the connection.

          New OAuth authentification - Connection.png

New Self Help authentication method

You can now use the new SelfHelp authentication method to call an external endpoint.


  • Select Administration > REST > Services in the menu to create a new service. Select the new authentication method.
    • Authentication Method: SelfHelp.
    • Secret Key: Secret key.
    • API ID: ID from Self Help.
    • Private Key: Private key downloaded from Self Help.
    • Service URL: https://{hostname}/selfhelp/api.

          New Self Help authentification - Service.png

Other developments

Display charts using AnyChart

You can now use AnyChart to display data in interactive charts.

          Charts via AnyChart.png

Horizontal browsing in grids

The page indicator dots Pagination icons.png formerly used to move horizontally within a grid have now been replaced with a horizontal scroll bar.

          Grid with horizontal bar.png

Display order of tabs in "Action" form link to Back Office tickets

The order of the Details and Activity tabs has been switched in "Action" form link to Back Office tickets.

          Ticket - Tabs order.png

Technical developments

List of technical bricks updated with this new fix:

  • html-react-parser@1.2.4
  • jquery.nicescroll@3.6.8 has been deleted and replaced with overlayscrollbars@1.13.1
  • react@17.0.1
  • react-bootstrap@1.5.1
  • react-dom@17.0.1
  • react-select@4.2.1
  • tinymce@5.7.0 (=> 5.8.2)
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