Service Apps - 2021 - Build 2021.1.113.0 - Procedure to Adapt Apps With News Articles

Last modified on 2022/05/28 10:56

This procedure explains how you can adapt the apps you created prior to the version 2021 - Build 2021.1.113.0 in order to display images in news articles after migrating the Service Apps platform from MySQL to MSSQL.

Adaptation in Service Manager

Note: Your user profile must be authorized to edit display presentations.

Step 1: Add a field dedicated to displaying images in News Article forms

1. Open the form editor for news articles.

  • Log in to Service Manager.
  • Select Service Operation > News Articles > News Articles in the menu.
  • Open a news article.
  • Click Browse grey points icon.png in the top banner and select Edit Form.
    The form editor will appear.
             Form editor.png

2. Add the field dedicated to displaying images.

  • Click Add Field.
  • Select the PICTURE field from the AM_DOCUMENT table.
    The field will appear in the list of objects available.
  • Click and drag the PICTURE field to the form presentation.
  • Click Save and Close.
    The field will be displayed in the News Article form.
             Modify report - Picture field.png

Step 2: Display images in reports containing news articles

1. Add a field dedicated to displaying images in the parent query for reports.

  • Select Service Operation > Reports in the menu.
  • Click Edit icon.png to open a report related to news articles in edit mode.
             Modify report.png
  • Click Edit icon.png to edit the parent query of the report.
             Modify report - Detail.png
  • Click Add Field.
  • Select the PICTURE_PATH field from the AM_DOCUMENT table.
  • Click Save.
    The field will be available for all reports using this parent query.

2. Display images in views used in reports.

  • Click Display popup icon.png to edit the view associated with the report.
    The view editor will appear.
  • Select the Display box for the PICTURE_PATH field.
             Modify report - View.png
  • Click OK.
    The image will appear in the view of the report.

Step 3: Update other reports related to news articles

1. Repeat the procedure in step 2 for all news article reports used in your apps.

Adaptation in Service Apps

Step 1: Display the data source columns to which the news widget points

1. Open the widget pointing to the data source.

  • Log in to Service Apps.
  • Go to an app that displays news articles.
  • Click Apps - Edit Html icon.png to edit the widget.
             Html code.png
    The text editor will appear.

2. Use the Data Picker to display the data source columns.

  • Click Apps - Text Editor - Advanced tags icon.png.
  • Select the Data Picker category.
             Text Editor - Advanced tags.png
    The list of data source columns will appear.

Step 2: Configure the field dedicated to displaying images in news articles

1. Click the PICTURE_PATH field you added to News Article forms in Service Manager.
         Text Editor - Advanced tags Data Picker.png

2. Specify that the field stores an image.

  • Select the Special link tags > Image option.
             Text Editor - Advanced tags Data Picker - Detail.png
  • Click Apps - Add icon.png.
    The instructions corresponding to the selected value will be inserted in the text editor.

Step 3: Save the changes

1. Click Apps - Text Editor - Advanced tags icon.png to close the advanced tag editor.

2. Click OK to close the text editor.

3. Click EVApps - GUI - Save icon.png to save the changes made.
The images of news articles will appear in your app.

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