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   This is a version release document.

  • You will find only releases with new features on this page. To find releases with only bug fixes, please consult the Change Log pages.
  •  Some of the screenshots may show a slight difference compared to the release version as we are constantly seeking to improve the design and usability up until the release date.
  • The pages on the wiki detailing latest news will be updated soon. For more up-to-date information, please consult What's New in the Wiki page.

Version 2023 - Build 2023.4.118.1
(11/14/2023 SaaS - 11/21/2023 On-Premises)

Online Studio - What's new

Viewing and deleting scheduled extractions of profiles

Domain administrators can now monitor the scheduled executions of their extraction profiles. They can view and delete the current scheduled extractions for each profile.


  • Scheduled extractions can be deleted only by their creator.
  • If a profile is scheduled for extraction, only the creator of the scheduled extraction can delete the profile.
  • If a profile is associated with multiple extractions scheduled by different creators, each creator must first delete their scheduled extraction before the profile can be deleted.

Operating principle

  • Select Reports & Analytics > Extraction Profiles  in the menu.
  • The number of scheduled executions will be displayed in the list of extraction profiles.
             2023_Q4 - Extraction profile list.png
  • Click one of the extraction profiles to see the list of current scheduled extractions in a new section called Planning.
             2023_Q4 - Profile details.png

Planning section

  • List of current scheduled extractions for the profile:
    • Profile name followed by the task name
    • Type of data in the extraction
    • Owner (creator) of the extraction
    • Next scheduled execution date
  • Hover over a task and click Delete icon.png to delete it (Note: Only available for the creator)
  • Click one of the tasks to see the details of the extraction.
             2023_Q4 - Extraction details.png

Details of a scheduled extraction

  • Click Delete icon.png to delete the scheduled extraction (Note: Only available for the creator)
  • Task details:
    • Run frequency in the form of a cron expression
    • Next execution date
    • Date the scheduled execution was enabled
    • End date of the scheduled execution

Version 2023.3 - Build 2023.3.116.0
(07/25/2023 SaaS - 08/01/2023 On-Premises)

Online Studio - New style guide

We have reviewed the visual layout of the Online Studio.

The Studio now presents a new set of colors in line with the new EasyVista style guide.

New design for the authentication window

          2023_Q3 - New graphic interface - Authentication page.png

New design for the Home page

          2023_Q3 - New graphic interface - Home page.png

New design for screens

          2023_Q3 - New graphic interface - Screen 2.png
        2023_Q3 - New graphic interface - Screen 1.png

Online Studio - What's new

Desktop Studio functionalities ported to the Online Studio

We have progressively ported functionalities from the Desktop Studio to the Online Studio so that writers are no longer required to install the Desktop Studio.

In this version, writers can now view the content of procedures in the Online Studio. They can also import and publish collection templates directly in the Online Studio.

Display of procedure content

You can now access the content in procedures in the Online Studio in read-only mode. This allows writers to monitor progress made in the writing of Knowledge Base procedures without opening the Desktop Studio. It also enables them to view the following:

  • The decision tree
  • The content of the step
  • Procedure properties and step properties

Operating principle

  • In the Home page, click 2023_Q3 - View icon.png next to the procedure name to open the procedure preview pane.

          2023_Q3 - Studio Online - Visualisation pane - View procedure.png

  • Display the procedure preview pane

          2023_Q3 - Studio Online - Visualisation pane.png

(1) Procedure decision tree

  • You can adjust the zoom in this section
  • Click one of the steps to display its details in the right pane

(2) Procedure name

(3) Name of the step selected in the decision tree

(4) Content of the step

(5) Macro of the step

(6) Click this link to open the procedure in the Desktop Studio

(7) Click this button to change the display language of the content

Properties of the procedure
     2023_Q3 - Studio Online - Visualisation pane - Procedure properties.png

Properties of the step 
     2023_Q3 - Studio Online - Visualisation pane - Step properties.png

Collection management

New functionalities have been added to the Knowledge > Collections menu where you can now view the contents of a collection, import or export a collection, and force an indexing operation.

View the properties and contents of a collection

You can now access the properties of a collection and view its contents in the Online Studio.

Note: You can either display the contents of the working version or the contents of the last published version.

Operating principle

  • Select Knowledge > Collections in the menu and select the relevant collection to open the preview pane.
  • Click the card of the version whose contents you want to view.
         2023_Q3 - Collections - Version content.png
  • Display the collection preview pane

General section
     2023_Q3 - Collections - General section.png

(1) Collection name

(2) Collection alias

(3) Last modification date

(4) Last index date

(5) Description of the collection

(6) Languages available for the collection

Project content section
     2023_Q3 - Collections - Project content section.png

(1) Project tree structure

(2) Click 2023_Q3 - View icon.png next to one of the procedures to open the preview pane

Metadata section
     2023_Q3 - Collections - Metadata section.png

(1) List of metadata associated with the project

(2) Click the icons next to the metadata name to modify or delete the metadata

(3) Click this box to display all of the metadata on the server

(4) Click 2023_Q3 - Add icon.png next to one of the procedures to add a new item of metadata

Export collections

You can now export a collection in an AAR archive in the Online Studio.

Operating principle

  • Select Knowledge > Collections in the menu and select the relevant collection to open the preview pane.
  • Click 2023_Q3 - Export icon.png in the card of the version you want to export.

          2023_Q3 - Collections - Export.png

(1) Export the working version

(2) Export the last published version

  • A notification will inform you if the export was successful. Click Download to download the AAR archive to your workstation.
         2023_Q3 - Collections - Export procedure - Notification.png

Import collections

You can now import a new collection to the Online Studio. You can import an AAR archive or an XLS file, e.g. FAQ import.

Operating principle

  • Select Knowledge > Collections in the menu and click Import to open the import wizard.
         2023_Q3 - Collections - Import.png
  • Select the type of import you want, i.e. Archive or FAQ, and specify the required information. Next, click Import.
Archive import FAQ import
2023_Q3 - Collections - Import - Configure Archive option.png

(1) Drag and drop the AAR file here or click to browse for your file

(2) Select the domain to which the collection will be imported

2023_Q3 - Collections - Import - Configure FAQ option.png

(1) Drag and drop the XLS file here or click to browse for your file

(2) Select the writing language of the project

(3) Enter the name of the project to be created (by default, it is the name of the XLS file)

(4) Select the domain to which the collection will be imported

  • A notification will inform you if the import was successful. The imported collection will appear in the list of collections.
         2023_Q3 - Collections - Import - New Archive collection added.png

Publish collections

You can now publish a collection in the Online Studio.

Caution: Prior to publication, you must ensure that none of the procedures in the collection is open in the Desktop Studio.

Operating principle

  • Select Knowledge > Collections in the menu and select the relevant collection to open the preview pane.
  • Select the Working versions section and click Publish in the card of the relevant version to open the publish wizard.
         2023_Q3 - Collections - Publication.png
  • Specify the information required in the different steps.
    • Step 1: User groups: Groups for which the collection should be published
           2023_Q3 - Collections - Publication - Step User groups.png
    • Step 2: Executable procedures: Access the contents of the collection in read-only mode
           2023_Q3 - Collections - Publication - Step Executable procedures.png
    • Step 3: Version history: Versioning parameters
           2023_Q3 - Collections - Publication - Step Version history.png

      (1) Description of the new version contents

      (2) New version alias (by default, it is the alias of the previous version)

      (3) Select this box to save a new working version

      (4) Publication options

      (5) Select this box to force the reindexing of the published version

    • Step 4: Publication and mail: Send an email to all users to inform them of the published version
      Note: You cannot modify the recipients or the contents of the email sent.
           2023_Q3 - Collections - Publication - Step Publication and mail.png

Index collections

You can now force the indexing of a collection in the Online Studio.

Operating principle

  • Select Knowledge > Collections in the menu and select the relevant collection to open the preview pane.
         2023_Q3 - Collections - Indexation.png
  • Click 2023_Q3 - Indexation icon.png in the card of the version you want to index.

(1) Index the working version

(2) Index the last published version

(3) Index previously published versions (hover over the relevant row to display the icon)

Online Studio - Enhancements

Modifications to the top banner

To improve readability and make it easier to access certain functionalities, we have revamped the top banner found in each page of the Online Studio.

          2023_Q3 - New graphic interface - Top banner.png

  • The logout button and help functions are now grouped together in the user information zone .
  • A colored dot above the notification icon indicates the number of new notifications available.
  • A new icon, 2023_Q3 - Ongoing tasks icon.png, shows the tasks currently in progress.

Number of list elements displayed

To provide a better overview, the number of elements found in a list is now displayed at the top of the list.

Note: The number indicates the total number of records and is not affected by filters applied to the list.

          2023_Q3 - New graphic interface - Item number in lists.png

Management of scheduled tasks

To improve readability and facilitate the management of scheduled tasks for server administrators, we have reviewed specific menus.

Note: The Platform > Scheduler Status menu has been removed. 

New Task Journal menu

Server administrators can now access a new menu called Platform > Task Journal. This menu groups all of the tasks that have been run.

          2023_Q3 - Platform - Task journal.png

Scheduled Tasks

The Platform > Scheduler List menu has been renamed Platform > Scheduled Tasks.  It is accessible to server administrators.

          2023_Q3 - Platform - Scheduled tasks.png

  • Scheduled task details
         2023_Q3 - Platform - Scheduled task details.png
  • Update a scheduled task: You can now click Update 2023_Q3 - Update icon.png found in the header of the preview pane to access all of the functionalities for updating tasks.
         2023_Q3 - Platform - Scheduled task update.png
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