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Last modified on 2023/07/25 17:01

Current Version : 2023.3.116.0See the Previous Version


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Version 2023.3 - Build 2023.3.116.0
(07/25/2023 SaaS - 08/01/2023 On-Premise)

Bug fixes


  • [R2305_012] Dropdown Selection in Self Help procedures not working in the bot
  • [R2306_046] blank page when chatbot opens in iphone

Online Studio

  • [R2302_080] Published projects not present in the 'Project' drop-down list
  • [R2301_513] Delayed publications not working or partially

Desktop Studio

  • [R2303_018] Fixed memory leak when checking rights

Version 2023.2 - Build 2022.1.113.1
(05/15/2023 SaaS - 05/22/2023 On-Premise)

Bug Fixes


  • [R2212_022] Radio buttons (check boxes) do not work they are not clickable


  • [R2211_087] Issue with connector CNX_postit.jar
  • [R2212_003] Fix Forms Utilities

Online Studio

  • [R2212_032] issue with SSO Login button
  • [R2302_062] The Daily Scheduled Extract does not generate statistics for the day or D-1 but for a previous day
  • [R2303_046] Unable to download resources
  • [R2209_086] The search does not find groups* [R2211_064] Analytics et problèmes mémoire
  • [R2301_593] Emails arrive without sender
  • [R2211_024]  Search does not work when there are []
  • [R2302_073] Impossible to have a domain on the web studio
  • [R2301_512] Extraction file sent by the Send by mail button is unreadable
  • [R2301_044] Metadata import malfunction (authorizedGroup)

Desktop Studio

  • [R2301_042] Extraction of html procedures
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