ev|Self Help - 2022 - Change Log

Important note

All the files provided in a fix are cumulative. This change log is provided only to give you information on changes and help you find out if a fix solves your issue. It is mandatory to apply all the changes when applying a fix.

Version 2022 - Build 2022.1.112.1
(04-20-2022 SaaS - 04-27-2022 On-Premise)

Bug Fixes

Online Studio

  • [R2204_043] Analytics - Limit the rows of the tab Search
  • [R2204_044] Unable to set up virtual agent  

Desktop Studio

  • [R2103_065] Keyboard shortcut KO 
  • [R2109_004] Cannot insert a character behind an expression
  • [R2109_005] The image illustrating a procedure appears in front but not in the heavy client
  • [R2202_012] Concerns in using “ALIAS”
  • [R2201_048] Approval email sent to email addresses that no longer exist
  • [R2112_009] Duplicating images while creating a Self Help procedure
  • [R2111_062] Issue when exporting one procedure if another is open


  • [R2107_026] Order of presentation of dossiers in the sub-menus
  • [R2104_045] https issue with self-signed wildcard certificate 


  • [R2109_040] Problem with the connector: Form Utility - Retrieve the URL of a file


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