ev|Service Manager - H1.2016 - Migration - Known Errors

Last modified on 2022/10/18 12:18

Functionality Type Description Workaround
Mail Components Limitation There is no export menu specific for Mail Components. Use the new package export functionality (Export menu).
Mail Components Limitation There is no reference integrity check while renaming or deleting a Mail Component used in a workflow: the corresponding tag will be displayed as an ERROR string at runtime. Before deleting or renaming a Mail Component, check where it is referenced via the following query (change/add the fields according to the languages is use):
SELECT w.name_EN,
FROM   sd_workflow_detail wd
      INNER JOIN sd_workflow w
              ON w.workflow_id = wd.workflow_id
WHERE  wd.email_text_EN LIKE '%nameOfTheMailComponent%'  
Then, if you wish to go on with the deletion/renaming, make sure you edit all the workflow steps returned by the query to delete the Mail Component tag and replace it with the renamed Mail Component as the case may be.
Workflow printing Limitation

* (Firefox and IE) Black circles displayed on the preview but not on the printout.

* (Firefox and IE) URL displayed.

* Dysfunctions with the Portrait mode.

Use Google Chrome and the Landscape mode for printing workflows.
WYSIWYG text Editor (TinyMCE upgraded) Known Error

If you add a hyperlink containing a @ and without //, the text editor assumes the link is an email and suggests adding the mailto tag.

example @EMPLOYEE_ID@ tag in a link.  
Click the [ CANCEL ] button to avoid adding the mailto tag.
Display in Service Apps of mandatory questions edited with the 2016 version of Product name - ev itsm.png Known Error

The text editor that has been implemented on questionnaires adds the < p > tag on simple texts which results in the mandatory sign (*) displayed on a new line.

Mandatory sign on a separate line.PNG

This issue will be fixed in the next release of Service Apps.
You may remove those tags via a scheduled alert with a query like this:
QUESTION_FR=REPLACE(REPLACE(QUESTION_FR,'<p>',''),'</p>','') -- , etc.
where VALUE_TYPE <>'comment'
and (QUESTION_EN like '%<p>%' OR QUESTION_FR like '%<p>%' --or etc.
Constraints on questionnaires Limitation

The < followed by any character other than space is interpreted as an HTML tag and hence removed from the string along with the part of the string after it.

Add a blank space after the < character

example Age must be  < 85 years
Export of workflows Limitation Life cycles are not included in exports of workflows.
Questionnaire Tip A condition may not be set on the first question of a questionnaire. This restriction is unjustified in the case of SQL conditions. Add any question (i.e. a comment) before the first question, set your condition then remove the added question.
Regular Expression Constraints Tip To avoid input errors. Check this page to validate regular expressions.
Knowledge Base Documents Known Error Documents in attachment to the Knowledge Base are flagged as private after the 2016 upgrade Run this query to make them public:
Dynamic variables are displayed as questions in Service Apps Known Error Dynamic variables assigned to a questionnaire while setting the new constraints functionality are not properly handled in Service Apps and they're wrongly displayed as questions. Questionnaire constraints will be implemented in the next Service Apps release.
In the meantime, avoid the usage of dynamic variables in questionnaires used in Apps.
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