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   All the files provided in a fix are cumulative. You must apply all the changes when applying a fix.

   The change log only gives you information on changes and help you find out if a fix solves your issue.


  • Eligible platforms
    • Versions may only be applied onto an existing platform which is already using/running version 2014.1.136.0 or above.
    • Patches may only be applied onto an existing platform which is already using/running version 2015.1.201.0 or above.

Patch 2015.1.201.7 (2016-01-27)

  • [R160127_00001] : Solved issue - WorkFlow editing problem with Chrome (version 48).

Patch 2015.1.201.6 (2015-12-03)

  • [R150716_00006] : Solved issue - Issue related to @ID@ in date type questions.
  • [R150902_00002] : Solved issue - Issue related to @ID@ tag in default values used within questions.
  • [R151123_00002] : Solved issue - Issue related to @ID@ in grid type questions.

Patch 2015.1.201.5 (2015-10-13)

  • [R150819_00003] : Solved issue - Fixed a bug on life cycles when performing requalification.
  • [R150625_00001] : Solved issue - Fixed a bug on "Create User" & "Create Equipment" Webservices.
  • [R150715_00003] : Solved issue - Fixed a bug on the validation steps when requesting for more information.
  • [R150415_00001] : Solved issue - Fixed a bug on the validation steps with authentication (Transition).
  • [R150623_00002] : Solved issue - Removed an error message in the wizard when creating new subjects in the Incident catalog.
  • [R150731_00002] : Solved issue - Automatic failover problem on the page after creating a new record.
  • [R150407_00001] : Solved issue - Fixed the MobileHD_index.php page for creating incident.

Version 2015.1.201.0 (2015-06-10)

  • [R141209_00001] : Solved Issue - Fixed a display issue in favorites when you edit a favorite.
  • [R150213_00001] : Solved Issue - Fixed a wizard filter issue in block (New incident for example).
  • [R150416_00002] : New Feature - Changing the size of the CURRENT_STATE field in SD_WORKFLOW_INSTANCE table (1000 to 4000).
  • [R140702_00002] : Solved Issue - Fixed a bug related to the use of conditions on the multilingual fields in the filter editing.
  • [R150220_00001] : Solved Issue - Optimizing the graphical display of the CMDB.
  • [R150212_00002] : Solved Issue - Fixed a bug when using double-quotes character in the name of a WorkFlow step.
  • [R110318_00003] : Solved Issue - Fixed a bug related to the domain on the wizard "Return in stock".
  • [R150330_00001] : Solved Issue - Wizard Optimization "Archive CI".
  • [R150408_00002] : Solved Issue - The Discovery/Manage Software menu sometimes displayed duplicate software.
  • [R130624_00002] : Solved Issue - Fixed an issue when applying change history on EXPECTED_END_DATE_UT field in services requests.
  • [R150326_00001] : Solved Issue - Changed wording of the action when we use the "Notify Support" wizard.
  • [R140621_00002] & [R140523_00003] : Solved Issue - Fixed a display bugs on conditional questions in questionnaires.
  • [R140603_00002] : Solved Issue - Improved positioning dates field in forms.
  • [R150217_00001] : Solved Issue - Fixed a bug on the visibility of uploaded documents (by questionnaire) in multiple requests.
  • [R150303_00003] : Solved Issue - Improved the default email format in the "Lend" Wizard.
  • [R120120_00004] : Solved Issue - Correction on reports with multiple break level on tree fields.
  • [R130823_00001] : Solved Issue - The related known errors tab is now visible on problem blocs.
  • [R141219_00001] : Solved Issue - Fixed a display bug on business rule logs.
  • [R150203_00001] : Solved Issue - The project category menu now displays the correct icon.
  • [R150123_00003] : Solved Issue - Ability to add fields in the setup of the global search studio.
  • [R150212_00001] : Solved Issue - Corrections on values above 1000 in the potential costs of a project.
  • [R150317_00003] : Solved Issue - Correction to avoid timeout on purging process when there are many records to be deleted.
  • [R150317_00001] : Solved Issue - The purge used to generate several CSV files instead of one. 
  • [R150220_00002] : Solved Issue - Fixed a bug that crashed the XML parser when there was the "<" character in the selection query.
  • [R140322_00002] : Solved Issue - The REQUESTOR_PHONE field is now populated correctly when using a createRequest WebService.
  • [R150504_00002] : Solved Issue - Correction on the Discounted Price field in the "New Order" wizard .
  • [R110712_00001] : Solved Issue - Optimizing display of CMDB graph queries.
  • [R141014_00002] : Solved Issue - Correction on the parameter "{SM} Authorization to escalate to any available Group  ."
  • [R140128_00004] : Solved Issue - Removed a selection issue when creating percentage trends.
  • [R141105_00001] : Solved Issue - WebService CloseAction - Amendment to permit the closing of an action even if the connected person and / or the user as a parameter is not the owner of the action.
  • [R140211_00002] : Solved Issue - The wizard "Execute scripts" works now properly with IE11.
  • [R130304_00001] : Solved Issue - Management of the concept of $lng _FR, and _EN columns... on scheduled reporting.
  • [R141114_00001] : Solved Issue - Management of meta tags in mails with the workflow editor.
  • [R131017_00001] : Solved Issue - Inclusion of the "&" character in list questions.
  • [R150113_00003] : New Feature - It is now possible to define sort order in lists in wizards 
  • [R150116_00001] : Solved Issue - Removal of the term "indicator" in the legends of reporting displayed in horizontal bars.
  • [R150324_00003] : Solved Issue - Add a title for the reports when printed.
  • [R141222_00001] : Solved Issue - Correction of errors in translation (in Brazilian).
  • [R130830_00002] : Solved Issue - Removed the print button on profiles.
  • [R140821_00001] : Solved Issue - Correction of errors in translation (in Portuguese).
  • [R140411_00004] : Solved Issue - Correction on LDAP authentification.
  • [R080128_00002] : Solved Issue - Management of spaces in passwords.
  • [R140320_00001] : Solved Issue - Fixed bug on double break reporting (with dates).
  • [R150109_00001] : Solved Issue - Implementing POP3 and IMAP4 over TLS (StartTLS) in Indy9 for TSA.
  • [R150212_00006] : Solved Issue - Right alignment labels steps Workflow.
  • [R150217_00002] : Solved Issue - Fixed a display issue on WorkFlow when using Firefox.
  • [R150310_00003] : Solved issue - Integration is now supporting URL in the INTEGR_UPLOAD_PATH parameter.
  • [R110812_00001] : Solved Issue - Fixed a bug highlighted during a search of "new service request".
  • [R150127_00001] : Solved Issue - Instant consideration when making changes in Studio of global research.
  • [R141121_00002] : Solved Issue - Correction in the global research studio when you add a field on the main table.
  • [R131025_00003] : Solved Issue - When a SQL question contains the string "%C", the mechanics converted into a special character.
  • [R150407_00003] : Solved Issue - Improvement on the duplication of projects.
  • [R141015_00001] : Solved Issue - Questions set as required in a questionnaire and optional in another are now correctly included.
  • [R150311_00001] : Solved Issue - WorkFlows steps not being displayed correctly.

Version 2015.1.117.4 (2015-02-02)

  • [R100907_00001]: Solved issue - Integration/CSV files without a header line are now correctly managed when some of the data contains a comma character. 
  • [R120925_00005]: Solved issue - Update of linked incidents (“HD - Update Related Incident”) now correctly updates all the linked incidents when several are opened at the same time. 
  • [R131015_00001]: Solved issue - The Next and Finish buttons were closing the wizard windows in certain configurations of Apache and PHP (PHP strictly above 5.4.13 on Apache Windows).
  • [R131125_00005]: Solved Issue - Solved an issue with multi record selection via bar-code.
  • [R131128_00007] [R140228_00002]: Solved issue - Some <CR> character were transformed into <BR> html tags when updating memos. This generated display issues.
  • [R131213_00009]: New Feature : Expected intervention date can now be hidden in the Assign wizard. 
  • [R140228_00003]: Solved issue - Default status for a newly created step in a workflow is not “Open” anymore.
  • [R140320_00002]: Solved issue - Specific issue with Firefox solved when using the [Enter] key in a memo field
  • [R141009_00004]: Solved issue - Constraints on passwords are now correctly enforced
  • [R141014_00001]: New Feature - Added a new timeout property in the web services used in business rules
  • [R141016_00001]: Solved Issue - Scheduled time and time spend are now correctly displayed in hh :mm format on project form.
  • [R141020_00005]: New Feature - Keyboard focus on the login page is now in the first displayed field. Customers hiding the account field now have keyboard focus in the login field. 
  • [R141024_00002]: New Feature - New Other Parameter to replace automatically the impact and urgency when using the re qualification wizard.  If set to True, the check-boxes are defaulted to True in the wizard.
  • [R141031_00001]: New Feature - It is now possible to delete a document added to a request via a questionnaire by reopening the questionnaire.
  • [R141112_00001]: Solved Issue - It is now possible to add scheduled alerts and kpis in the Design/Service level form
  • [R141117_00004]: Solved Issue - Labels are now correctly aligned in the “New Service Request” menu
  • [R141121_00001]: Solved Issue - Removed a potential infinite loop in the transition workflows
  • [R141126_00001]: Solved Issue - Requalification actions now display correct data in the incident history.
  • [R141202_00001]: Solved Issue - The “Change” option in the “New” section is now displayed depending on access rights to the New change menu and not on the change management catalog. 
  • [R141204_00001]: Solved Issue - When creating a request, if there are no mandatory question, the icon is now correctly orange instead of red. 
  • [R141218_00001]: New Feature - Performance optimization on the “Assign parent incident” wizard.
  • [R141219_00001]: Solved issue – Business rules logs were not properly generated in February, August and December if the short date format contained the full name of the month instead of numbers.
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