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Shortcuts to transfer wizards

To speed up the incident management activities the following Wizards were added:

  • Escalate to a group of a higher level
  • Redirect to a group of a lower level
  • Redirect to a group of the same level
  • Requalify the category

Wizard 3.png

These wizards are shortcuts to existing steps within the transfer wizard. Changing the configuration on one of them also changes the equivalent screen within the transfer wizard. 


They have been split to allow adding them as buttons on the action form. If an operation is performed very frequently, it is recommended to place the shortcut to the new wizard on the action form as a button. This will save the service desk operator precious time.

For example, the "Requalify the category" wizard added on the action form can be handy in a context where a high percentage of incidents are raised via the self service or email, which implies a step of reclassification by the relevant people.

Wizard 2.png

Greyed buttons when incident on hold

The "Transfer" and "Complete Action" buttons are not authorized on incidents that have been put on hold.
These buttons are now greyed in this context to avoid an erroneous usage and the related error message. 


Incident duplication


A new Duplicate Incident wizard has been created. This wizard duplicates an existing incident and opens the quick call screen with the fields from the duplicated incident record pre-populated.
This includes all fields from the incident record except :
- Incident number
- All the date and date time fields
- Fields listed under the "{SM} List of Columns in "SD_REQUEST" to exclude from the Duplicate Incident Wizard" parameter in Administration / Parameters / Other Parameters

Fields added to the database schema via customization (E_NAME_OF_FIELD) are also duplicated. 

Answers to questionnaires are also duplicated. 

A new field "Is a Template" is available.


This field allows users to design incidents templates that are available via the Template filter from all incidents. It is recommended that users implement a favorite to their template list. 


The list of templates displayed is based on what the user is allowed to see. It is restricted by domains. A service desk user can build his personal list of templates then create a favorite to the My incidents menu.


Scheduler Enhancements

To prevent unwanted launching of alerts, the "Next compute date" field is no longer preset to "today" when creating an alert. If that date is manually set, the alert is activated. If it is left empty the alert is disabled.

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