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   This is a version release document.

  • You will find only releases with new features on this page. To find releases with only bug fixes, please consult the Change Log pages.
  •  Some of the screenshots may show a slight difference compared to the release version as we are constantly seeking to improve the design and usability up until the release date.
  • The pages on the wiki detailing latest news will be updated soon. For more up-to-date information, please consult What's New in the Wiki page.

Version 8 and Version 9 Compatibility

All EV Reach v8 components (EV Reach v2, v8 Agents, v8 Consoles) do not communicate with the new EV Reach Console v9, v9 Client Agents or the EV Reach Server v3. They are designed to be deployed in parallel to each other, to ensure a seamless transition from one infrastructure to another.

What’s New in Version 9

Name Changes

The EV Reach Management Suite has now been renamed to EV Reach Console.

Scope Actions are now called IT Process Automation and Reporting.

The EV Reach Central Server has also been renamed to EV Reach Server.

The EV Reach Console v9 is now 64-bit only and cannot be installed on a x86 Architecture (32-bit) machine.

External Device Management and 64-bit Architecture Requirement

The EV Reach Console v9 has all the same functionality as the EV Reach v8 Console, now with the added ability to manage devices on an External network across all modules.

EV Reach Server

Previously "EV Reach Central Server"

The EV Reach Server has all the same functionality of the EV Reach Central Server, with the added features of the EV Reach Gateway Service, which provides Reach Consoles the ability to manage any device that is on an External Network.

The EV Reach Server can be installed on the same server as the EV Reach Central Server v2, as they will not interfere with each other. (Consider them to be two different applications.) Optional: Feel free to keep the EV Reach v2 up and running until the new EV Reach infrastructure has been implemented.

Installation Requirements

The new EV Reach Server must be installed on a Windows Server 2008 OS or higher.

DNS Record

The new EV Reach Server v3 DNS SRV Record name is _goverlanServer, different from the previous EV Reach Central Server v2 DNS SRV Record name _goverlan.

See: EV Reach Gateway Service

Server Policies

All EV Reach Central Server policies must be recreated within the new EV Reach Server Policy area. There is no migration path.

See: Global Policy Distribution - Policy Management

Auditing Data

Will not be migrated to the new EV Reach Server. Optional: For archiving purposes, you can back up all v8 Auditing logs that are set in the EV Reach data path, which can be found in your EV Reach Central Server Options. (Default path is C:\ProgramData\EV Reach Central Server)

See: EV Reach Server - Configuration - Centralizing Auditing Services

Communication Port

All Internal EV Reach v9 Consoles and Client Agents now communicate to the EV Reach Server via Port 22100. (Previously 21160 for EV Reach Central Server v2)

EV Reach Console

Previously "EV Reach Management Suite"

The EV Reach Console has all the same functionality of the EV Reach Management Suite, with the added ability to manage any device that is on an External Network, with the same toolsets available for Internal Devices.

The EV Reach Console can be installed on the same machine as the EV Reach Management Suite as they will not interfere with each other. (Consider them to be two different applications.)

Update the Database Schema

(Custom Actions, Software Packages, SureDATA Cache, Script Packages, Favorites, Scope/Action Templates)

The EV Reach Console v9 will update the database schema upon first launch when pointed to a EV Reach v8 database, effectively migrating all database contents to the new console. EV Reach v8 consoles will not be able to communicate with the database after the v9 console has updated the schema. It is advised to simply create a copy of the v8 database, rename it to v9 and point the new Reach Console to the renamed database copy.

Scope Actions – Now Process Automation & Reporting

Scope Actions from EV Reach v8 can be migrated to the EV Reach v9 Automation and Reporting by simply right clicking the Scope Action in v8 >Open Definition Directory, then drag and drop the .GSA scope action files directly from Windows Explorer into the EV Reach Console v9 Automation and Reporting User Interface.

Logged-In Workstation Detection (fastConnect) – The Central Data Repository

The Central Data Repository Path has been deprecated. The EV Reach Server is now required for the functionality of this feature. Once the EV Reach Server is implemented, the server will automatically track all live sessions.

See: Getting Started

Credential Manager Credentials

Due to security improvements, all credentials in the EV Reach Credential Manager must be recreated in the EV Reach Console.

EV Reach Client Agents

EV Reach v8 and v9 Client Agents do not interfere with each other and can be installed in parallel. The EV Reach Agent Manager in the new v9 Console can detect and remove legacy v8 agents, which will appear as an added option to the Remove Agents Action.

EV Reach v9 Consoles now communicate to the EV Reach v9 Client Agent via Port 22000 (Previous default port was 21158 for v8 Console to v8 Client communication).

GPO Policies

All GPOs must be re-provisioned with the new EV Reach GPO template located in the C:\Program Files\EV Reach Console 9\GPO Templates directory.

As stated above, all EV Reach Central Server v2 policies must be recreated in the new EV Reach Server.

Stealth Mode (No Visual Notification) Policy

If you have configured the Stealth Mode Policy via Direct Registry or GPO, you will need to update your GPO templates as stated above or refer to this KBA on how to manually configure the Stealth mode policy via Registry as the reg keys have changed.

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