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Current Version : 2023.4See the Previous Version


   •   You will find only releases with new features on this page. To find releases with only bug fixes, please consult the Change Log pages.

  • This is a version release document. Some of the screenshots may show a slight difference compared to the release version as we are constantly seeking to improve the design and usability up until the release date.
  • The pages on the wiki detailing latest news will be updated soon. For more up-to-date information, please consult What's New in the Wiki page.

Migrating to Version 11 (2023.3)

For more information on upgrading from v10 to v11, see our Migration Guide.

Goverlan Reach Rebranding

We’re excited to announce that Goverlan Reach has officially been rebranded as EV Reach. This change brings us one step closer to complete harmony within the EasyVista Family. Along with this change, we’ve also given ourselves a fresh new coat of paint.


Version 2023.3

Agent version: 11.0.5 ; Console version: 11.0.4 ; Server version: 11.0.4

Cloud Instance Policy Management

   EV Reach Cloud Service 11.0.4 or higher is required to use this feature. Please contact support to upgrade your instance.

Policy Management gives you global control over your EV Reach settings.

These settings include:

  • Remote Control Client Side Configuration: Configure privacy settings before and during remote control sessions, ensuring a secure environment tailored to your needs.
  • Operator Restrictions: Tailor operator access to maintain utmost security and control.
  • Client Side Text Customization: Customize the client side UI text on the receiving side of a remote control session. Personalize the experience for users in their preferred language.

          2023_Q3 - Policy Management.png

Policies can be applied as rules that apply to IP Ranges or specific operating systems.

We are committed to continuous improvement. Stay tuned for upcoming releases that will expand policy sets to meet evolving customer demands.

For more information, see EV Reach Policy Distribution via Cloud Services.

Azure AD Integration (Beta Release)

The EV Reach Azure AD Integration allows IT Admins to browse their Azure AD Tenant through EV Reach and manage User, Groups and Device Objects.

This Beta release will receive frequent updates that will add functionality and bug fixes with each new release. The Azure AD Beta can be downloaded from the “Labs” section of the EV Reach Portal. Please take a look at the “Known Issues” section for current bugs.

For more information, see Azure AD Management (Beta version).

Features include:

  • Viewing User, Group and Device Properties
            2023_Q3 - User-Account-Info.png
  • Viewing User and Device Group Memberships
            2023_Q3 - Groups-Tab.png
  • Viewing Bit locker Keys of supported devices
            2023_Q3 - Comp-bitlocker-Tab.png

Version 2023.2

Agent version: 11.0.3 ; Console version: 11.0.2 ; Server version: 11.0.2

New Automatic Inventory Collection

   This feature is only available to on premise customers. Coming to Cloud customers soon.

EV Reach now has the capability to automatically collect asset data from all of your workstations and servers. With the new inventory collection functionality, the EV Reach Agents will automatically report inventory data to the EV Reach Server on a frequency that is completely under your control. This means that you can now easily keep track of all of your assets in one place without having to set up Process Automation Jobs.

For more information, see the Automatic Inventory Collection.

          2023_Q2 - InventoryConfigPolicy.png

Simplified DB Deployment Process

The simplified deployment process for the database also means that you can get started with this new feature without any hassle. The Console Side database will now be deployed automatically with the EV Reach Server. EV Reach 11 Consoles can automatically be configured with the proper DB Settings upon installation.

          2023_Q2 - DBConfig.png

Cloud Service Portal Page

We have created a Cloud service portal page that displays EV Reach Service auditing and registered devices. These updates have been made to bring the features of the EV Reach Cloud service to you.

  • The Cloud service status page shows information about your EV Reach Service instance. View information such as instance DNS address, operational status and linked Console Licenses.
  • Linking console licenses will automatically configure your EV Reach Cloud instance settings on any EV Reach Operator Console that is part of the linked license.

For more information, see Assigning an EV Reach Console license to your Cloud Service.

          2023_Q2 - evweb_status.png

Display Service Security Audits

  • You can view and export your EV Reach Server Security Audits, such as Remote Actions, Remote Control Sessions, and System Login Events.

For more information, see see Viewing EV Reach Audits.

          2023_Q2 - evrweb_aud_system_access.png

  • In the Cloud service portal page, you can easily access a list of all devices that are registered to your EV Reach Service, along with their details.

For more information, see Viewing EV Reach Registered Devices.

          2023_Q2 - evrweb_dev.png

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