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Version 5.2 (11/04/2022)

Complete list of developments

  • VSWA-24076: /contacts - GET
  • VSWA-24143: /tags - GET
  • VSWA-24073: /services_templates - GET
  • VSWA-24141: /host_templates - GET
  • VSWA-24077: /time_slots - GET
  • VSWA-24078: /boxes - GET
  • VSWA-32958: View and link to problems
  • VSWA-35484: Windows host detail sheet - direct link to EV Reach
  • VSWA-37294: [Action Template] call_url.pl - call_url_service & call_url_host - Added $_HOSTHOST_TAGS$ macro
  • VSWA-36037: [Box] - ARUBA CENTRAL - check_aruba_central_client_usage
  • VSWA-36031: [Box] - ARUBA CENTRAL - check_aruba_central_mem_switch_usage
  • VSWA-36033: [Box] - ARUBA CENTRAL - check_aruba_central_switch_status
  • VSWA-36563: [Box] MongoAtlas-Connection-Status - check_mongo_atlas_connection_status
  • VSWA-36014: [Box] - ARUBA CENTRAL - check_aruba_central_cpu_switch_usage
  • VSWA-35989: [Box] ARUBA CENTRAL - check_aruba_central_cpu_ap_usage
  • VSWA-34522: [Box] MongoAtlas-Operation-Execution-Time - check_mongo_atlas_operation_execution_time
  • VSWA-34528: [Box] MongoAtlas-Replication-Oplog-Window - check_mongo_atlas_replication_oplog_window
  • VSWA-34524: [Box] MongoAtlas-Replication-Headroom - check_mongo_atlas_replication_headroom
  • VSWA-34523: [Box] MongoAtlas-Replicaset-Status - check_mongo_atlas_replicaset_status
  • VSWA-34519: [Box] MongoAtlas-Opcounters - check_mongo_atlas_opcounters
  • VSWA-33141: [Box] Global-Plugin-Execution - check_global_plugin.pl – Added timeout argument
  • VSWA-34518: [Box] MongoAtlas-Connections-Number - check_mongo_atlas_connections_number
  • VSWA-34037: [Box] SOPHOS-CLOUD-ALERTS-COUNT - check_api_sophos_cloud_alerts_count
  • VSWA-38064: Deploy missing check_snmp_dell_vrtx_bladeStatus and check_snmpv3_dell_vrtx_bladeStatus commands
  • VSWA-35761: [Box] - ARUBA CENTRAL - check_aruba_central_uptime_ap_status
  • VSWA-36054: [Box] - ARUBA CENTRAL - check_aruba_central_uptime_switch_status
  • VSWA-34520: [Box] MongoAtlas-Opcounters-Replica - check_mongo_atlas_opcounters_repl
  • VSWA-37129: Itexis - check_Itexis_AppsMon_ScenarioStatus_Sql - Enhancements
  • VSWA-34105: [Box] Sophos-Cloud-EndPoint-State_Count - check_api_sophos_cloud_endpoint_state_count
  • VSWA-34140: [Box] Sophos-Cloud-Server-State_Count - check_api_sophos_cloud_server_state_count
  • VSWA-37846: Internationalisation - some APC-* Service Template Names contain french
  • VSWA-36561: [Box] MongoAtlas-Tails/Locks - check_mongo_atlas_queues_locks
  • VSWA-36562: [Box] MongoAtlas-Scan-Order - check_mongo_atlas_scan_order
  • VSWA-36558: [Box] MongoAtlas-Oplog/H - check_mongo_atlas_oplog_h
  • VSWA-36560: [Box] MongoAtlas-Query-Targeting - check_mongo_atlas_query_targeting
  • VSWA-36207: [Box] Purestorage-Used-Space_Volume - check_api_purestorage_used_space_volume
  • VSWA-36122: [Box] Purestorage-Used-Space_Array- check_api_purestorage_used_space_array
  • VSWA-36121: [Box] Purestorage-Drive - check_api_purestorage_drive
  • VSWA-36120: [Box] Purestorage-Controllers - check_api_purestorage_controllers
  • VSWA-36130: [Box] Purestorage-Hardware- check_api_purestorage_hardware
  • VSWA-36112: [Box] Purestorage-Alerts - check_api_purestorage_alerts
  • VSWA-35605: MySQL-DB-Request - check_mysql_request - Fixes
  • VSWA-36559: [Box] MongoAtlas-Query-Executors - check_mongo_atlas_query_executors
  • VSWA-34527: [Box] MongoAtlas-Replication_Lag - check_mongo_atlas_replication_lag
  • VSWA-35861: [Box] check_cli_azure_*: use authentication generated by the CLI
  • VSWA-37584: [Box] DELL-VRTX-FanStatus-SNMPv3
  • VSWA-20361: [Box] Lin-Command with difference between two successive metric measurements
  • VSWA-34397: [Box] Meraki-Cloud-Wireless-Clients - check_api_meraki_cloud_wireless_connections_per_ap
  • VSWA-37585: [Box] DELL-VRTX-TemperatureStatus - check_snmp_dell_vrtx_temperatureStatus
  • VSWA-37588: [Box] DELL-VRTX-RedStatus-SNMPv3 - check_snmpv3_dell_vrtx_redStatus
  • VSWA-34388: [Box] Meraki-cloud-uplinks-status-wan-1 - check_api_meraki_cloud_uplinks_status_wan_1
  • VSWA-37578: [Box] DELL-VRTX-DiskStatus - check_snmp_dell_vrtx_diskStatus
  • VSWA-37576: [Box] DELL-VRTX-GlobalStatus - check_snmp_dell_vrtx_status
  • VSWA-37580: [Box] DELL-VRTX-PowerStatus - check_snmp_dell_vrtx_powerStatus
  • VSWA-36291: | Box] Lin-Command-Env does not work if the command prompt shows only %
  • VSWA-37240: [Box] Customer specific - check_itm - Modification of the output "No Events found"
  • VSWA-34392: [Box] Meraki-Cloud-Uplinks-Status-Wan-2 - check_api_meraki_cloud_uplinks_status_wan_2
  • VSWA-37577: [Box] DELL-VRTX-GlobaStatus-SNMPv3 - check_snmpv3_dell_vrtx_status
  • VSWA-37582: [Box] DELL-VRTX-FanStatus - check_snmp_dell_vrtx_fanStatus
  • VSWA-37587: [Box] DELL-VRTX-RedStatus - check_snmp_dell_vrtx_redStatus
  • VSWA-20019: [Box] Cisco-Meraki-AP-ClientCount
  • VSWA-34386: [Box] Meraki-Cloud-Device-Status - check_api_meraki_cloud_device_status
  • VSWA-37590: [Box] DELL-VRTX-BladeStatus-SNMPv3 - check_snmpv3_dell_vrtx_bladeStatus
  • VSWA-37581: [Box] DELL-VRTX-PowerStatus-SNMPv3 - check_snmpv3_dell_vrtx_powerStatus
  • VSWA-37579: [Box] DELL-VRTX-DiskStatus-SNMPv3 - check_snmpv3_dell_vrtx_diskStatus
  • VSWA-37589: [Box] DELL-VRTX-BladeStatus - check_snmp_dell_vrtx_bladeStatus
  • VSWA-19373: [Box] Template MS-EXCHANGE2013-QUEUE-LENGTH: collect using protocol WinRM
  • VSWA-20017: [Box] Cisco-Meraki-AP-Status 
  • VSWA-37586: [Box] DELL-VRTX-TemperatureStatus-SNMPv3 - check_snmpv3_dell_vrtx_temperatureStatus
  • VSWA-37988: IP-LABEL-Ekara-Scenario-Status - version 22 support
  • VSWA-36255: ORACLE-tablespace-usage-all - Show only warning tablespaces in output
  • VSWA-35031: [Box] SSH-Basic - check_ssh added port argument.
  • VSWA-35180: [Box] check_api_azure_backup_status.pl - some messages returned by the plugin are incorrect in English
  • VSWA-30875: IP-LABEL-Ekara-Scenario-Status - check_iplabel_ekara_status – command modification
  • VSWA-38056: [Monitoring Account] Create a Trend Micro API monitoring account.
  • VSWA-38173: Change the uptime measurement unit for Central Aruba checks
  • VSWA-33300: [Box] APC-UPS-Status: SNMPv3 support, plugin renaming and improvement
  • VSWA-34144: [Box] Sophos-Cloud-Server-LastSeen_Count - check_api_sophos_cloud_server_lastseen_count
  • VSWA-38388: KUBERNETES-Node-Status - check_kubernetes_nodes_status
  • VSWA-38195: KUBERNETES-Event-parse - check_kubernetes_event_parse
  • VSWA-33168: [Box] check_snmp_process.pl - Plugin update
  • VSWA-38433: [Box] check_api_datacore_alerts_count
  • VSWA-38435: [Box] check_api_datacore_snapshots_count
  • VSWA-38058: [Box] check_api_trend_outdated_devices
  • VSWA-38057: [Box] check_api_trend_devices_connection
  • VSWA-34143: [Box] Sophos-Cloud-EndPoint-LastSeen_Count - check_api_sophos_cloud_endpoint_lastseen_count
  • VSWA-37903: KUBERNETES-Event-count - check_kubernetes_event_count
  • VSWA-37418: Roles - Standardize FR and EN translations of the names
  • VSWA-36750: Name change - WebAPP
  • VSWA-32343: Dataviz - Localize dashboard names
  • VSWA-37156: Remove localization of template names (services and hosts) - ETL
  • VSWA-33771: Remove localization of template names (services and hosts) - webapp
  • VSWA-37291: [ITSM Integration - Servicenow] Enhancement of the ServiceNow connector
  • VSWA-38569: Widget – Estate by (category) – Optimize column self-adjustment
  • VSWA-38172: Escape quote and bracket characters in the "call_url" script for action templates
  • VSWA-36395: Action tracking - Adding/editing a user
  • VSWA-35952: Macro - New Fields
  • VSWA-38153: [Monitoring Account] Creating a Kubernetes API monitoring account
  • VSWA-36396: Action Tracking - Highlight Changes

Complete list of patches

  • VSWA-38305: API /servicenav/{_locale}/companies not consistent
  • VSWA-38829: SAML - Unable to connect when SSO is enabled - Edge
  • VSWA-37819: Automatic reports are not generated on SNP 5.0 Master platforms
  • VSWA-38905: Downtime statuses are no longer updated by the DowntimeHandler
  • VSWA-36742: [Box] Lin-Logfiles - check_lin_logfiles.pl - The plugin does not work when the host is the box itself
  • VSWA-37173: [Box] check_apachestatus_auto.pl - check_apachestatus non-functional
  • VSWA-36918: Automatic testing of check_mongodb_queues_locks error
  • VSWA-35379: [Box] HP-MSA P2000* - check_p2000* - no French output
  • VSWA-37319: Sending template MongoDb to box impossible
  • VSWA-38087: [Box] Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 - poorly applied analysis period 
  • VSWA-37840: Service Template: APC-UPS-Status French output when logged in in English
  • VSWA-36916: check_win_logfiles - Error if the binary on the Windows machine returns a status code 1
  • VSWA-35292: MS-WIN-PS-Eventlog - Avoid timeouts
  • VSWA-37538: check_rabbitmq_queue - thread issue
  • VSWA-38836: Kubernetes Monitoring Account – Translation errors
  • VSWA-38286: [Box] check_veeam_backupcopy_job: unable to connect if password too long (ODBC add)
  • VSWA-33214: [Box] ORACLE-db-access model: check returns OK while Oracle database is turned off / idle
  • VSWA-32283: check_vmware_api.pl dies not report details
  • VSWA-27318: [Box] check_api_aws_cloudwatch – Incorrect example of metric name
  • VSWA-37839: French field text in Service Template Network_Traffic_Plus
  • VSWA-22729: MS-Win-ActiveDirectory-Health - MS-Win-ActiveDirectory-Health - Error: Unknown system language 
  • VSWA-33419: Cross-monitoring: fails if the monitored SNB is ahead of time
  • VSWA-35389: Inheritance not available when creating host templates
  • VSWA-37389: Mass host box change attempt takes a long time
  • VSWA-37849: Service details - Metric tab graphs display french when multiple metrics are selected
  • VSWA-37898: Legacy pages do not display correctly (and loop)
  • VSWA-37597: Status List widget - Filter on OK statuses (hosts & services) KO
  • VSWA-37902: The "Reset View and Filtering" button does not work in Support/Requests
  • VSWA-35117: Fix unit tests on the webservice-api project
  • VSWA-37899: Displaying the translation key instead of actual translation in the forgotten password workflow
  • VSWA-37512: Editing a Status List Report - Unsaved Category Selection

Version 5.1 (07/01/2022)

Complete list of developments

VSWA-37242: [Box] check_http_saml_wsfed_adfs - Add timeout argument
VSWA-37118: Login workflow - spinners
VSWA-37117: Login workflow - focus on user/pass fields
VSWA-37025: SAML - Development of the connection workflow
VSWA-36871: Update check "nb process remoteOperationBox.pl" - additional
VSWA-36506: Update check "nb process remoteOperationBox.pl"
VSWA-36314: [Box] check_http_saml_wsfed_adfs - add two arguments, proxy and no proxy
VSWA-36305: Hosts - Service Manager management ID - Bigdata
VSWA-36287: Login workflow - UI adaptation of the password reset mode
VSWA-36252: Disable inventory > Integration
VSWA-36164: Remove BOX-LIVE-STATUS services from all platforms
VSWA-36150: Disable the warranty verification feature
VSWA-36089: [Box] MongoDB plugin - Correct command translations
VSWA-35867: Improve Dataviz performance and speed
VSWA-35804: Hosts - Action Template - Add Account Arguments
VSWA-35797: UI/Dictionary - Update EN translations
VSWA-35734: [Box] - ARUBA CENTRAL - check_aruba_central_ap_mem_usage
VSWA-35680: Global-API-Value & Global-API-Status - Optional status argument in event of empty return
VSWA-35607: [Box] - ARUBA CENTRAL - check_aruba_central_ap_status
VSWA-35541: [ServiceNow ticketing Integration] Add urgency to the priority matrix
VSWA-35507: Agent update for TLS 1.2 compatibility
VSWA-35438: WMIC - Kerberos Patch
VSWA-35437: FreshService Integration - Team Management and Priority Matrix
VSWA-35420: [Box] MongoDB-Connection-Status - check_mongodb_connection_status
VSWA-35387: [Box] MongoDB-Query-Targeting - check_mongodb_query_targeting
VSWA-35386: [Box] MongoDB-Query-Executors - check_mongodb_query_executors
VSWA-35385: [Box] MongoDB-Queues-Locks - check_mongodb_queues_locks
VSWA-35384: [Box] MongoDB-Scan-Order - check_mongodb_scan_order
VSWA-35383: [Box] MongoDB-Oplog/H - check_mongodb_oplog_h
VSWA-34872: [Box] EMC-Unity-Filesystem-Health - check_api_emc_unity_filesystem_health
VSWA-34871: [Box] EMC-Unity-Filesystem-Disk-Usage - check_api_emc_unity_filesystem_disk_usage
VSWA-34862: [Box] MS-Office365-Health - check_office365_status_token - Plugin redesign
VSWA-34504: [Box] Install the mongosh client on SNBs
VSWA-34278: [Box] NetApp-Disk-Usage - check-netapp-ng.pl - 64-bit Counter Support
VSWA-34245: [Box] Global-SNMP-Get-Information - check_snmp_global_information
VSWA-34218: Delete the "Dashboard > Classic" topology
VSWA-34217: Uncheck the "Classic" topology for all roles
VSWA-34154: Optimize command changes
VSWA-34137: [Box] MongoDB-Replication-Oplog-Window - check_mongodb_replication_oplog_window
VSWA-34136: [Box] MongoDB-Replication_Lag - check_mongodb_replication_lag
VSWA-34135: [Box] MongoDB-Replication-Headroom - check_mongodb_replication_headroom
VSWA-34134: [Box] MongoDB-Replicaset-Status - check_mongodb_replicaset_status
VSWA-34133: [Box] MongoDB-Operation-Execution-Time - check_mongodb_operation_execution_time
VSWA-34132: [Box] MongoDB-Opcounters-Replica - check_mongodb_opcounter_repl
VSWA-34131: [Box] MongoDB-Opcounters - check_mongodb_opcounters
VSWA-34130: [Box] MongoDB-Connections-Number - check_mongodb_connections_number
VSWA-34099: [Box] cache management in plugins with locks
VSWA-33397: Development of the login workflow
VSWA-33325: Status list - ticket details - external link
VSWA-33316: Add fields to the additional information
VSWA-33262: [Box] manage negative thresholds in the catalogue
VSWA-32961: Hosts detail sheet - direct link to Service Manager CI
VSWA-32959: Hosts - Service Manager Management Id
VSWA-32957: View and link to change request
VSWA-32761: Two factor authentication - Focus on the code field by default
VSWA-32176: [Box] ServiceNav-Platform-Bigdata-Consistency - check_servicenav_bigdata_consistency
VSWA-31865: check_win_eventlog_source_id.pl - ubuntu 20 compatibility
VSWA-31837: netflow - adapt the plugin for new nfdump  versions
VSWA-31820: HP-3PAR-Alerts - check_3par_alerts.pl - Add "Degraded" severity
VSWA-31730: Global-Selenium-Scenario – Template deprecated
VSWA-30061: Global-SNMP-Table-Value/check_snmp_table_value.pl - process counters containing charactrs
VSWA-29804: NimbleStorage-HW-Temp_Status - check_api_nimble_Temp_Status
VSWA-29803: NimbleStorage-HW-Fan_Status - check_api_nimble_Fan_Status
VSWA-29802: NimbleStorage-HW-Psu_Status - check_api_nimble_Psu_Status
VSWA-29801: NimbleStorage-Disk-HW-State - check_api_nimble_Disk_State
VSWA-29800: [Box] NimbleStorage-DiskRaid-HW-State - check_api_nimble_Disk_Raid_State
VSWA-29680: [Box] Extend P2000 templates to support MSA 2060
VSWA-29557: Status list - Retain the specified number of items per page
VSWA-29332: [Box] Azure CLI - Update to 2.x
VSWA-29245: [BOX + AGENT] ESET_Nod32_update - check_eset_nod32.sh
VSWA-27394: [Box] SWITCH-Network_traffic-InterfaceName_Plus templates: consider interface names in ifName and ifAlias OIDs
VSWA-27138: Convert local users to SAML users
VSWA-26952: Add the ability to create SAML users
VSWA-26941: Enable authentication to EV Observe via SAML
VSWA-26939: Add the ability to configure SSO-SAML authentication
VSWA-26078: User Services widget - Sorting enhancement
VSWA-25971: MS-MSSQL-Database-Free-* - Updated Service Templates
VSWA-22441: Improved SNB Installation Script - Renamed
VSWA-19842: [Box] launch_command_linux_debian - launch_linux_command.pl - Allow Linux command execution on another server
VSWA-19390: [Box] Template MS-VeeamAgent-Status: collect using protocol WinRM
VSWA-19388: [Box] Template MS-WIN-Folder-SizeVariation: collect using protocol WinRM
VSWA-19379: [Box] Template MS-EXCHANGE-MailboxStatusPS: collect using protocol WinRM
VSWA-19376: [Box] Template MS-EXCHANGE-MailboxDatabaseStatusPS: collect using protocol WinRM
VSWA-19375: [Box] MS-EXCHANGE-MailboxStatusPS_2013 template: collect using WinRM protocol
VSWA-19365: [Box] McAfee-VirusScan template: collect using WinRM protocol

Complete list of patches

VSWA-37274: Display of averages on a service after viewing average peak hours impossible
VSWA-37031: Status information bleeding into other rows in Status List dataviz widget
VSWA-36878: Problem with status history after creation
VSWA-36791: API last-monitoring-information-by-external-ids - Wrong error message if external_id out of range  
VSWA-36788: Cloud User Services widget does not appear for certain users
VSWA-36783: Cloud User Services not visible in the IT weather of inheriting services
VSWA-36765: API - GET /companies{id}/dashboards too big
VSWA-36761: Dashboard "Mobile" - Incorrect number of companies
VSWA-36760: WMIC - wmiKerberosAuthentication = True/False: the plugin does not return information
VSWA-36756: Deprecated LIN-Process-StatusInstances-RemoteOperationBox service template - Template description not translated to EN
VSWA-36754: Map - Status does not update
VSWA-36753: [Edge & Chrome] Dataviz - value and text widget - image prioritised over text during shrinking
VSWA-36747: Creation of user service / service - Not visible in IT service weather
VSWA-36641: The /groups/last-monitoring-information-by-external-ids api does not check if the CIs are visible to the logged-in user
VSWA-36639: Value Widget - Long title incorrectly displayed
VSWA-36638: Text/value widgets with image - Title not displayed
VSWA-36637: Text/value widgets with image - Not all icons are displayed
VSWA-36600: check_win_folder_growth - plugin not working with winrm
VSWA-36599: check_win_folder_growth - Error returned when no threshold is specified
VSWA-36598: launch_command_linux_debian - typo in the target argument
VSWA-36597: [Box] Global-SNMP-Get-Information - check_snmp_global_information - Incorrect message if incorrect snmp version used
VSWA-36593: "Mobile" Dashboard - Number of devices and User Services displayed incorrectly
VSWA-36591: User service - unable to view actions from hierarchy
VSWA-36590: "User Services" widget - unable to add cloud User Service
VSWA-36589: BigData SNBI Migration - Duplicate Metrics
VSWA-36587: Map - metric widget the unit is not displayed in edit mode
VSWA-36586: User Services widget is not displayed for certain users.
VSWA-36585: check_snmp_table_value - library error message is not displayed
VSWA-36584: MAP widget - duplicate reporting request when opening dashboard
VSWA-36583: Mixed translation login banner
VSWA-36582: [Edge] Dataviz – Map widget: Drilldown - Recursion – inconsistent breadcrumbs
VSWA-36580: Widget: Status List - Persistence of number of elements per page does not work
VSWA-36578: Map Builder - THE CI image disappears after putting text internally
VSWA-36577: WMIC - wmiKerberosAuthentication = True: incomplete output message
VSWA-36576: WMIC - MS-WIN-DiskIO: plugin data not returned correctly
VSWA-36569: GLPI Integration - Remove Certificate Issuer Host test
VSWA-36439: History- ‘No Data’ status displayed if status is stays unknown
VSWA-36418: Dataviz - Images in titles cropped
VSWA-36391: Global-API-* - check_generic_json_api.pl, new arguments ( emptyReturn ,emptyReturnOutput ) do not work correctly
VSWA-36386: check_ps_ms_exch_mbxquota - automatic deletion of files not implemented
VSWA-36385: check_ps_ms_exch_mbxquota - unable to retrieve information – plugin status unknown
VSWA-36383: check_win_folder_growth - The command times out
VSWA-36382: [Box] HTTP_HTTPS - check_http_full - incorrect argument description and no localization for another
VSWA-36381: MS-Azure-Log-Analytics,MS-Azure-ResourceHealth-Service,MS-Azure-Log-Analytics plugins do not work even if the credentials are correct
VSWA-36380: FreshService integration - unable to create a ticket when matrix filled in
VSWA-36378: HP-Switch-LoopDetect - check_snmp_hp_switch_loop, plugin displays empty result
VSWA-36377: Map (edit) - applying a global config does not work correctly
VSWA-36376: MS-Azure-Application-Insights - check_cli_azure_app_insights, plugin not working
VSWA-36375: Map (edit) - image disappears when the text is inside the shape
VSWA-36374: check_ps_ms_exch2013_mbxquota - results not processed by plugin
VSWA-36370: check_snmp_table_value.pl -  plugin not working
VSWA-36369: HP-MSA P2000 all services display the same message, blocking TCT progress
VSWA-36367: check_hp_storeonce_log_show_events.pl - syntax error in the plugin  
VSWA-36364: Plugin Grafana - Test Datasource unavailable
VSWA-36362: Error initializing a collector
VSWA-36359: Map builder - space disappears after hiding text
VSWA-36353: check_snmp_global_information - Incorrect return if bad SNMP information supplied
VSWA-36349: Error on script vsb_installation.pl
VSWA-36347: MAP (edit) - problem when editing shape
VSWA-36346: [Box] MongoDB-Replication-Headroom - check_mongodb_replication_headroom - the inferred closing tags
VSWA-36345: check_bigdata_datashield_cc: Correct the argument definitions
VSWA-36344: check_3par_alerts - wrong error message when specifying incorrect url
VSWA-36339: UNKNOWN status - Undefined subroutine &Coservit::PluginBox::dirname
VSWA-36337: launch_command_linux_debian - the target argument is not present
VSWA-36334: wmic - invalid configuration file
VSWA-36332: Storm - fixing bad ticket id in database does not work
VSWA-36331: [Box] MongoDB-Opcounters-Replica - check_mongodb_opcounters_repl - Typo in Error Message
VSWA-36330: Unable to launch data-shield script in bin
VSWA-36329: [data-shield] link name in the TC and execution rights
VSWA-36328: check_wmi_diskio - OK status instead of unknown when wmic does not exit correctly
VSWA-36326: Status extraction tool not working correctly
VSWA-36323: SNB - version upgrade, long and disk intensive
VSWA-36129: [Box] check_mongodb_operation_execution_time + check_mongo_atlas_operation_execution_time: Requirement to meet thresholds
VSWA-36110: [Box] check_mongodb_replicaset_status - Compilation Error
VSWA-36108: [Box] check_mongodb_replication_headroom + check_mongodb_replication_lag + check_mongodb_replication_oplog_window - default threshold present even when parameter empty
VSWA-36107: [Box] check_mongodb_replicaset_status - Correct ARBITER text output
VSWA-36053: Changing a tag name is not represented in the display of tags in IT Weather
VSWA-35992: LDAP - Error 500 on bad password
VSWA-35744: Ticket synchronization failed - URL too long
VSWA-35656: [Box] MS-WIN-Check-Files-Age – not working
VSWA-35502: [Box] Lin-Command-Env no longer works if a backslash is present in the -c argument
VSWA-35487: API - Error adding action_log to the update of a device
VSWA-35485: Dataviz - Map dashboard queries are always executed when the dashboard changes
VSWA-35035: check_cli_azure_resources_status.pl - experimental keys on scalar is now forbidden
VSWA-35025: MAP widget - the icon is not correct
VSWA-34917: [Grafana Plugin] Access no longer possible
VSWA-34913: Widget map - Unconfirmed statuses are not taken into account
VSWA-34912: Status lists: Filtering on service criticality not working
VSWA-34751: check_mssql_veeam_backup_vm.pl - prevent out of memory
VSWA-34515: Detailed acknowledgment information not available on the mobile app
VSWA-34473: [Storm] [Tickets] Fixed bad id in database
VSWA-34275: [Box] launch_linux_command.pl - Linux Command Action Template - No longer works
VSWA-34250: [Storm] Ingestion problems from redelivery
VSWA-34062: [Box] PRTGAPI-ServiceStatus and Host alive via PRTG API | check_prtgapi_device_status and check_prtgapi_service_status - Cache management - multiple API calls despite using a cache
VSWA-33992: The /groups/last-monitoring-information-by-external-ids API returns the services of a host when searching for only one host
VSWA-33785: Perfomance Prod - Import takes too long and crashes - Indexing
VSWA-33204: Discovery - Ping OK on hosts where ping not permitted
VSWA-33189: [Box] LIN-Cpu: the unit is in percentage
VSWA-31314: check_win_foldersize.sh incorrectly handles hostnames containing"-"character
VSWA-30815: AWS Plugin - check_api_aws_cloudwatch.pl - in client call region must be before dimension
VSWA-30651: check_snmp_table_status.pl plugin error
VSWA-30537: Check _win_logfiles_status error
VSWA-30189: MS-Azure-PaaS-Metrics_v2 - Resource not found, please check the name of the Azure object
VSWA-30039: check_netflow_top.pl Argument list too long
VSWA-29879: [Box] maxMsgSize check_snmp_storage.pl - wrong error message
VSWA-29756: HTTP_HTTPS: The "-d" option breaks the display of technical monitoring
VSWA-29564: HP-STOREONCE-log_show_events - incorrect behavior following black list logic
VSWA-28906: [Box] HP-Switch-LoopDetec - check_snmp_hp_switch_loop.pl - port name not returned
VSWA-27856: [Box] Network_traffic_Plus - check_centreon_snmp_traffic_plus.pl - Interface speed information not found
VSWA-27409: [Box] TrendMicro-OfficeScan-Virus-Definition - check_win_trendmicro_update.sh - No virus definition file found No antispyware definition file found

Version 5.0 (04/01/2022)

Complete list of developments

  • VSWA-35544: Monitoring - Improve management of unauthorized characters
  • VSWA-35182: Widget - New Fully Clickable Details Sheet button
  • VSWA-35075: [Box] check_api_azure_backup_status - Spelling Correction
  • VSWA-35056: Warning - Stop classic dashboards - Show banner
  • VSWA-34459: Voice SMS - Add a fixed sender 
  • VSWA-34023: Host detail sheet - Do not display known changes if the equipment is declared (key: IP) several times
  • VSWA-33714: Additional Checks - Updating Templates
  • VSWA-33546: [Box] WEBSITE-AUTH-SAML-WS-FED-ADFS - check_http_saml_wsfed_adfs
  • VSWA-32996: Dataviz - Ergonomic improvements
  • VSWA-32979: Site maintenance - Change the logo
  • VSWA-32869: Host detail sheet - view known changes
  • VSWA-32867: Bigdata host detail sheet - change in the behavior of the "Discovery" button
  • VSWA-32258: [Box] check_snmp_storage.pl - Improve performance when a device has a lot of partitions
  • VSWA-32201: NetFlow "./xflow_installation.pl" installation script not working U20
  • VSWA-32181: Adding or changing (network interface) in monitoring - Naming
  • VSWA-32180: [Box] [census] Network_traffic_Plus and Network_traffic_Plus_SNMPV3: recover ifName and ifAlias OIDs
  • VSWA-32150: [Box] KUBERNETES - Kubectl Deployment
  • VSWA-32149: KUBERNETES-Pod-Status - check_kubernetes_pod_status
  • VSWA-31659: SageCRM Ticketing Integration - Add Policy in Description
  • VSWA-31405: GLPI ITSM integration - Link with root entity company
  • VSWA-31365: Discovery - monitoring - replace unauthorized characters on the fly
  • VSWA-31226: Change > Monitoring Mode
  • VSWA-31225: [Box] Dell DataDomain Technology SNMP V3 Monitoring
  • VSWA-31219: Discovery > List: Filter on hosts with detected network changes
  • VSWA-31217: Discovery > List: Detect and display unmonitored interfaces
  • VSWA-31077: [Box] Anaplan-Api-Page-Status - check_api_anaplan_page_status
  • VSWA-30962: Status list - reduce padding between rows
  • VSWA-30621: [Box and Agent] A-Veeam-Job-Status/Veeam-Job-Status - Add the job type "Veeam AGENT"
  • VSWA-29912: Configuring an external connection - optimization of the "Specific information" field
  • VSWA-29551: [Box] MS-Azure-PaaS-Backup_status - check_api_azure_backup_status.pl - Unable to get Vault information : Please check the name
  • VSWA-25200: [Box] Veeam-Job-Status - check_veeam_job.pl - Retry Management
  • VSWA-23831: Status list - Column "Tickets last 30 days"
  • VSWA-20744: [Box] PS-Command - Run a PowerShell script on a Windows device - corrections
  • VSWA-20601: [Box] command check_snmp_table_status: filter on a regular expression rather than an exact value
  • VSWA-19387: [Box] Template MS-Win-WindowsUpdate_Status: collect using protocol WinRM
  • VSWA-19372: [Box] MS-DPM-Datasource-Status template: collect using WinRM protocol
  • VSWA-19371: [Box] Template MS-Win-HyperV-Snapshot_count: collect using protocol WinRM
  • VSWA-19370: [Box] Template MS-Win-HyperV-Snapshot_age: collect using protocol WinRM
  • VSWA-19369: [Box] Template MS-SystemCenterEndpointProtection-Virus-Definition: collect using protocol WinRM
  • VSWA-19366: [Box] Template MS-Antimalware-Virus-Definition: collect using protocol WinRM

Complete list of patches

  • VSWA-35423: The timeline is not displayed when \192 characters are in the details of an event
  • VSWA-35232: External Connection - Sage WS - Timeout not taken into account
  • VSWA-35223: Export - Time to first notification empty for hosts created via api
  • VSWA-35017: Display of several detail sheets in technical monitoring interface - the metric tab cannot be displayed on the second detail sheet
  • VSWA-34892: Support module no longer works properly - Timeout too low 
  • VSWA-34869: [Box] check_veeam_job.pl - Change to CRITICAL if at least one run in the job history is not successful
  • VSWA-34868: [Box] check_win_ad_dc.pl - systematically returns a CRITICAL status
  • VSWA-34284: Dashboard - Unable to create duplicates
  • VSWA-34035: SNBI - ETL duplicates dim_metric
  • VSWA-33921: Dataviz - Unable to create a new User Services widget
  • VSWA-33737: Scheduled sending of reports not working
  • VSWA-33725: Maintenance - no Q-Tip displayed
  • VSWA-33722: Error hovering over maintenance icon
  • VSWA-33717: Dashboard "Hosts (map)" - company not visible
  • VSWA-33715: Timeline not displayed
  • VSWA-33712: Technical operation - Resetting filters on columns not working
  • VSWA-33709: Dataviz - Statuses not displayed on map
  • VSWA-33708: Service import not possible
  • VSWA-33706: Classic Dashboard - real-time update not working
  • VSWA-33702: Classic Mode Map - detail sheet not working
  • VSWA-33690: The Tickets tab does not display correctly
  • VSWA-33689: Unable to remove some scheduled maintenances
  • VSWA-33683: Modify SNB for host - an error message is displayed
  • VSWA-33480: Ansible - role ansible_instance_ubuntu: Disable automatic updates
  • VSWA-33318: MAP widget - Unconfirmed statuses are displayed when they should not be
  • VSWA-33308: [Storm] Monitoring: Ignore group messages with is_deleted_company
  • VSWA-33265: Poor date management during a time change
  • VSWA-33135: The monthly average stores the latest values of the information in dim_metric
  • VSWA-33021: [Box] check_docker_container_traffic_usage - command not created on stage
  • VSWA-32976: User Services widget does not retain filters over time
  • VSWA-32948: Host creation - Instruction and Document fields not taken into account
  • VSWA-32910: User services Widget - Cloud Services not displaying correctly
  • VSWA-32817: PUT /hosts – not visible to Contacts/ Contact group - Incorrect return format
  • VSWA-32353: The ts_day field is filled with a timestamp in UTC and not local date format
  • VSWA-32344: Commands sent to the box not accepted if launched by user with special character in its name
  • VSWA-32323: After a certain number of job launches, an OutOfMemory exception is thrown
  • VSWA-32147: [Box] lib Coservit_WINDOWS.pm missing since U20
  • VSWA-31918: Monthly averaging should not delete the history
  • VSWA-31794: User Services Notification - Only the 1st level is shown and not the ROOT Cause
  • VSWA-31502: [Box] check_ps_command - unable to use winrm due to underlying library error message
  • VSWA-30187: [Box] MS-Azure-PaaS-Backup_status - check_api_azure_backup_status.pl - wrong argument type
  • VSWA-29867: Delay in creating a "Live Status" report with abnormally long incidents
  • VSWA-29754: [Box] MS-Win-ActiveDirectory-Health - check_win_ad_dc.pl - Delete double call cmd
  • VSWA-29005: [API-BD] [Storm] Tickets with the same timestamp
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