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Note: This page is continuously updated.


It is possible to replace the standard message 'Your request has been generated with n°...' with banner type tags :

Request Status result EN.png

The configuration is carried out by adding the Status Notification tag right after the New Request tag:

Request Status.png

Known Error: in version 2016.6, this option doesn't work if another Data Viewer widget is present on the same page.

The first thing to do when an image is not displayed is to check that it is uploaded in the application and that its path is correct.

When a code with an image is copied from application A into application B, the image's path points to application A and will be displayed as long as application A exists. If application A is deleted, the path will no longer exist, and the image in application B can no longer be displayed.

The same happens whenever a widget with an image is saved as custom and used in another application.

Note: When an application is duplicated or exported, then all uploaded images are copied and the paths replaced automatically by the system. During this process, only the path of the application is taken into consideration. So if an image's path points to another application or platform, it will not be replaced.

If the team was created manually (not generated by the system), then it will not be considered during the synchronization process when a user logs in.

Example documentation icon EN.png If a team A is created manually in Product name - ev sas - big.png while a group A exists in Product name - ev itsm.png:

- The first time a member of group A logs in to Product name - ev sas - big.png, a second team A will be created by the synchronization process.

- Users of group A will never be automatically added to or removed from the first A team (created manually).

The report for the management of attachments on objects other than incidents and service requests (knowledge base, equipment catalog, etc.) is available on the June 2016 Release Notes page.

After the report is imported in Product name - ev itsm.png log in to Product name - ev sas - big.png and configure your Data Sources as follows:

- A Data Source to list the knowledge articles.

- A detail Data Source based on the APPS - Download document (details on other tables). Configure the settings of the Master/Detail section with PK as Master Field and FK_AM_DOCUMENT_ID as Detail Field.

More details on the configuration are on the Download Documents page.

Note: The builder doesn't always display the detail (like in the case when the first record doesn't have any). To check your configuration run the app and select a knowledge item that has attachments.

Edit the Send Button widget and add the code below in the Label property:

a button {background-color: #3D85C6!important; color: white !important;}

a button:hover {background-color: #58af00!important; color: white !important;}
The first line overloads the background color and the text color of the Cancel and Send buttons.
The second line configures the colors for the mouse over event.

Known Errors

Title Error Description Workaround
Studio : Indicators on the menu widget The Data Picker for chosing the calculated field to display as indicator presents 2 issues:
1) When adding a new indicateur on a menu, the data picker wrongly displays No Data Available if the related Data Source was created before the current session
2) (Firefox only) The first time the popup is displayed, it won't allow selecting a column. You'll need to close it and re-open it to make it work.
Will be fixed in the next version.
1) If you have another menu displaying an indicator with the same calculation formula (sum, average, etc.), copy the content of its Field property and paste it in your new indicator.
The formula for calculating the sum of the second column of the Data Source is: #[SUM_COLUMN(1),DIGITS(2)]#
2) Use Google Chrome to work around the second issue.
Detail of the first selected element not displayed in a Secured Html widget
In a 1 to 1 relationship, like the Knowledge Base items and their details, if the detail is displayed in a Secured Html widget, the selection of the first element of the master list is ignored by the system and the detail is not displayed.
All works correctly after another element is selected in the list.
When the master list contains only one element, the detail cannot be displayed.
Will be fixed in the next release.
Until fix, replace the Secured Html widget with a Data Viewer displayed in Line mode.
Specific Html code altered when edited A new text editor was implemented.
It brings enhancements among which a smoother management of pictures and tables.
The version is not finalized and the syntax analyzer may alter specific HTML code.
Fixed in version 2016.6.16a
If you haven't upgraded your platform yet: if you need to add or update a specific HTML code (which cannot be generated codelessly using the text editor) then you should use the Html Code property in the property inspector without opening the text editor.
Example documentation icon EN.png The code in the widget that displays the user's name and logout icon is an example of specific code.
HTML editor - scrambled display under Firefox
Issue in Studio mode only. No impact on execution.
In the new HTML editor, the values of the parameters of the image and table editors are badly displayed under Firefox. Will be fixed in the next version.
Use Google Chrome to buid your apps.
Image in the Connected User widget The widget displaying the connected user's name and the disconnect button delivered in our templates, now displays the user's picture as well which may result in a vertical scroll. In order to resize the image, add this code under the < style > section:
.userLoginImg { width: 35px; height :35px ;}
To remove it:
.userLoginImg { display: none;}
Warning: If your version is older than 2016.6.16, the code should be added directly in the Html Code area of the property inspector and not through the text editor.
Line breaks ignored in questions <p> tags are ignored in questions (to avoid displaying the * sign of mandatory questions on a separate line) which lead to the side-effect that line breaks are no longer displayed on multi-line questions. Add the <BR> tag to enforce a line break.
Data Viewer (FORM): impossible to reach the bottom in case of vertical scrolling The vertical scroll bar doesn't allow reaching the bottom of the content. Until the fix is available, add the code below in the <style> section:
.displayViewForm.containerScroll { height:calc(100% - 50px); }

Detail Data Source displayed empty when edited first

When a widget based on a detail Data Source is edited before the corresponding Master widget has been displayed (case when the 2 widgets are not placed on the same page), then its data is not accessible via the Data Picker nor displayed. Edit the page containing the master widget then edit the one where the detail widget is placed.
Restricted Theme on widgets created from Custom When a widget is created from a Custom then only the properties that were set on the original widget can be overloaded.
Example documentation icon EN.png If you create a widget from a custom that doesn't have a Header, then you will not be able to add one.
Add the custom widget, then add an empty widget of the same type where you'll paste the code copied from the custom widget.
All properties of the Theme section will be configurable on the new widget.
Update Incident wizard on mobile. The Update Incident wizard is not properly displayed on mobile. Edit the Send Button widget then add this style in its Label property:
    @media only screen and (max-width: 47em) {
        .reveal-modal {
           min-height: 100px;
           max-width: none !important;        }    }
EV Filter List widget - update of the selected filters The list of selected filters may not be correct if filters have been added or deleted on the same menu in evSM, after the creation of the widget. When you need to update the list of filters selected while not sure that no filters have been added or deleted in evSM for the same query then always use the Remove action to clear all selection and restart the selection as needed.
Editing EV|ITSM Data sources after changing the execution context The filter and view combos may display objects of the default EVSM database and not those corresponding to the current execution context. Make sure Filters and Views used in applications are present in all accessed accounts. The best practice is to export all configuration elements changed in EVSM while creating an application in SandBox and import them in the production account.
Changing the sort order on a Data Source The modification of the sort order (ascending/descending) is ignored. To make the change, follow these steps:
- Set the sort order as desired
- Change the sort order field (Sort Order Aggregated if your Data Source is aggregated or Sort Order if it is flat)
- Reset the sort order field as desired
Filter on aggregated Data Sources The system freezes upon changing the selection on a filter list widget based on an aggregated Data Source (ex : Service Requests catalog aggregated by category). Fixed in version 2016.6.16.
No workaround. If your version is older than 2016.6.16 do not add filter list widgets on aggregated Data Sources.
EasyVista Search Filter - date fields Date fields are not available in the list as the search doesn't work properly on dates. N/A
Data source configuration - Some menus wrongly available The Query combo list wrongly displays some menus that may not be used via Service Apps because they have no filters nor views or have only interactive filters.
Example documentation icon EN.png
Extended CMDB>Availability>MTTR
When possible, create a report corresponding to the desired result.
Make sure you attach it to a folder to allow EV|SAS presenting it as menu.
Accordion widget The system doesn't generate a vertical scroll bar when the page to display exceeds the accordion area. Use the accordion for small paragraphs, and set the widget's height to the size of the biggest item.
Date on backups The time displayed on the Backup versions list is not converted. N/A
Padding and Auto Vertical Size on Filter List widgets The Padding value is not taken into account in the Auto Vertical Align option. Will be fixed.

In the meantime, erase the Height property in the widget's Theme section.

BAR/LINE ruler On Bar and Line charts representing multiple metrics, the ruler is not recomputed according to the dynamic filtering carried out through the legend. Until this defect is fixed, avoid mixing on the same chart metrics with inhomogeneous scales.
Calculated fields on variable Data sources returning more than 30 records When adding calculated fields (aggregates, computed through the Data Transformer), the system takes into account the first 30 records if the DataSource is a variable one (not a local csv or json) Use an aggregated DataSource for calculated fields (SUM, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE), that returns less than 30 items.
Example documentation icon EN.png If you wish to display the number of incidents, use a DataSource with a view by Status or Priority.
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