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Version 2016.6.17.7

  • [New]: Adding new REST services and resources: Salesforce, Google (Calendar, YouTube, Gmail...) and Twitter. These services use OAuth 2.0 and must be activated by our teams. Please, contact the EasyVista support so these services are visible on your platform. 
  • [New][R170314_00001]: It is now possible to complete linked actions.
    This new feature can only work with a Service Manager in version 2016.1.267.0 or higher.
  • [R170321_00004]: Fixed a display bug on the user management window to show the last connection date.
  • [R170209_00001]: Fixed a bug when accessing to a public application via a shortcut.
  • [R170216_00001]: Fixed a display bug on the gallery: some applications were not supposed to be displayed.
  • [R170207_00001]: Fixed a display bug on the 'Number of items per line' on 'radio button' questions.
  • [R170119_00001]: Fixed a bug on the dashboards so that the scale is automatically calculated when the data is filtered.
  • [R170328_00001]: Fixed a bug when canceling a questionnaire and clicking on the close button, in the cancel pop-up window.
  • [R170324_00001]: Fixed a bug on Filter List widgets: JavaSciprt errors could make editing impossible.

Version 2016.6.17

  • [R160907_00005]: Fixed a bug using the 'back' button to navigate between different pages on mobile devices.
  • [R160914_00002]: Fixed a bug to display full-screen memo questions (as on Service Manager).
  • [R161017_00001]: Fixed a bug when changing the alias of a datasource: the list of queries was not immediately updated.
  • [R161121_00001]: Fixed a bug on Autodrilldown: when navigating in a tree, the system displayed each level of the tree; it now skips the level when there is only one node for a level.
  • [R170110_00005]: Fixed a bug on invitations sent via the 'Invite users' button in 'Access management'.
  • [R161215_00001]: Fixed a bug on 'Sliding Page' widgets after a 2016 migration. Widgets of this type were slightly trimmed.


Version 2016.6.16c

  • [R161031_00003]: Fixed a bug on the upload of documents via questionnaires. Documents larger than 2 MB were not properly uploaded.
  • [R160909_00001]: Optimized performance on 'New Request' buttons.
  • [R160922_00004]: Fixed a bug to prevent ticket creation without WorkFlow.
  • [R160905_00002]: Fixed a display bug when there were two dataviewers with embedded forms on the same page.
  • [R161019_00002]: Fixed a display bug on the execution context of an app after editing it.
  • [R160919_00004]: Fixed a bug on photo uploads with 'Download' type questions on Android devices.
  • [R161012_00002]: Fixed a bug on viewing app images with IE 11.

Version 2016.6.16a

  • [R160721_00001]: Optimized performance on the first page load.
  • [R160729_00003]: Fixed a bug to allow the use of border-radius style in the Apps Builder text editor (Froala).
  • [R161014_00005]: Predictive search in the list of catalog items (new request in a menu widget).
  • [R161004_00002]: Fixed a bug on Filter List widgets when used with one or more Dataviewer widgets containing aggregated data.
  • [R160928_00004]: Fixed a display bug on popups for small resolution screens.
  • [R160920_00003]: Fixed a display bug on Search Filter widgets: when we had several Search Filter widgets (with the same datasource), the search string was repeated on all of these. (Note: With this version, the Search Filter widget may be configured so that the search is carried out on more than one column.)
  • [R160920_00002]: Fixed a bug on composite datasources: some labels were lost after a migration to the 2016 version.
  • [R160916_00001]: Title of the cancellation message on questionnaires translated.
  • [R160610_00001]: Fixed a display bug on questionnaires in Apps Builder (all questions were not using the same font).
  • [R160922_00002]: Fixed a bug on editing applications when they contain many EasyVista datasources.
  • Fixed a bug in the new text editor: many examples of specific HTML code altered when edited.

Version 2016.6.12

  • [R150428_00001]: Fixed a bug on 'BAR Chart' Widgets: when navigating through different levels, the total shown was not correct for the last level.
  • [R160422_00004]: Fixed a display bug on notification messages when creating a ticket after changing the recipient.
  • [R160323_00001]: Optimized performances on http calls.
  • [R160105_00002]: New feature: search on additional fields in 'SQL List' questions.
  • [R160112_00004] / [R151208_00004]: Enhanced Master / Details relations (the concept is now on the datasources themselves, the 'Select first row as current record' is well managed and '1 > n > m' relations are supported).
  • [R160307_00001]: Fixed a display bug with vertical scrollbars in 'Menu' Widgets using Edge or IE 11.
  • [R151216_00001]: Fixed a bug on notification messages after creating a request when there are questionnaire overloads.
  • [R160518_00003]: Fixed a bug to keep the sort order of a datasource after changing the filter of that datasource.
  • [R160519_00001]: Fixed a bug related to the use of the EZV_NEW_REQUEST button in the detail of a Dataviewer containing aggregated data.
  • [R160520_00001]: Fixed a bug on data sort order in the Dataviewers 'Details' with a Master / Details datasource.
  • [R160608_00005]: Enhanced 'Menu' Widget: line breaks are now automatic.
  • [R151208_00006]: Fixed a bug on widget display. Hidden widgets were displayed shortly when using the 'On small device only' property.
  • [R160112_00003] / [R160112_00002]: Fixed a bug on 'KBase' Widgets to ensure that the Empty search cross resets the research.
  • [R160511_00001]: Fixed a bug on data refresh in a 'Detail' Dataviewer when filtering the Master Dataviewer.
  • [R160517_00004]: Fixed a display bug on unnecessary scrollbars with IE 11.
  • [R160517_00008]: Fixed a bug on applications exports with IE 11.
  • [R160517_00007]: Fixed a bug on the misinterpretation of the '0' in 'Search Filter' Widgets.
  • [R151208_00007]: Fixed a bug when multiple users complete the same action at the same time.
  • [R151208_00001]: Fixed several bugs on questionnaires using IE 11 (special characters in 'Memo' questions, 'SQL list' questions and 'Document download' questions).
  • [R160608_00004]: Fixed a display bug using IE 11 on images of applications that appear in the gallery.
  • [R160229_00001]: Fixed a bug on approval steps. When submitting an information request in Apps, other open actions are not completed anymore.
  • [R160223_00001]: Fixed a bug in 'User Management'. The user list is not truncated anymore. 
  • [R160524_00001]: Fixed a bug on constraints in questionnaires. Constraints are not displayed as questions anymore.
  • [R160622_00002]: Fixed a display bug on 'Dashboard' Widgets when displayed in a pop-up.
  • [R160610_00002]: Fixed a display bug on mandatory questions (the asterisk indicating the mandatory property was below the questions).
  • [R160518_00002]: Fixed a bug on IE 11 when changing a filter several times on the same page.
  • [R160509_00005]: Fixed a bug on questions displayed if it was conditioned by another 'Grid' question.
  • [R160303_00002]: Fixed a bug on 'Document download' questions to enable uploading a new document after an error in the first download.
  • [R151209_00001]: Fixed a display bug under application titles in mobile format.
  • [R160517_00006]: Fixed a display bug on images in 'Sliding Page' Widgets using IE 11.
  • [R160621_00003]: Fixed a bug on indicators refresh in 'Menu' Widgets when completing an action.
  • [R160408_00001]: Fixed a display bug on the background color of a widget when used in a 'Tab' Widget with a page displayed.
  • [R150826_00001]: Fixed a bug with mouse cursor on hover in 'Dataviewer' Widgets. Cursor now displays correctly a hand or an arrow icon. 
  • [R160614_00001]: Fixed a bug on 'Gauge' Widgets to take into account the decimal part.
  • [R160531_00001]: Fixed a bug on 'HTML Script' Widgets in the builder. There were refresh problems.
  • [R160428_00002]: Fixed a display bug on 'Twitter' Widgets after changing page. Twitter widget now displays correctly. 
  • [R151127_00003]: Fixed a bug on the 'Knowledge base' Widget. The listed items now include records with the 'Known error' status.
  • [R160510_00001]: Fixed a bug on the settings of the connected user. The button 'Manage my external accounts' is now only displayed when the application uses a REST datasource with OAuth authentication.
  • [R160624_00001]: Fixed a bug on CSV Online datasources hosted on Google Drive.
  • [R160608_00006]: Enhanced 'Breadcrumb' Widget: the root of the tree now displays the logical name of the catalog instead of a dash.
  • [R160412_00003]: Enhanced input error management: when a user starts a ticket without ending the associated questionnaire, the request is not stored as an input error anymore. 
  • [R160708_00001]: Fixed a bug related to the use of the EZV_NEW_REQUEST button on the first subject of a node containing multiple subjects.
  • [R160711_00002]: Fixed a bug on ticket creation when several Service Manager connectors are set.
  • [R160704_00001]: Removed the 'Resources' links on the right side of the builder.
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