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Last modified on 2022/05/28 10:55

Note: This known errors list is continuously updated.

H2.2016 refers to version 2016.6.17

Title Error Description Workaround
The old connected user custom widget is no longer supported With the implementation of the new Public Apps functionality, the previous Connected User & Logout custom widget is deprecated. Replace the widgets created from the old custom widget or previous versions of the IT Portal template with the new Authentication widget available under the Basic section.
You may also save a custom widget from the line displaying a logo, the connected user's information and logout button in version 2.6 of the IT Portal template and use it in your own application.
Public Apps
Public User with no connection to Product name - ev itsm.png
When the public user set for an application is not referenced in the Product name - ev itsm.png database, then if the application contains a Data Source of type Easyvista or Easyvista KPI it cannot be launched in the Guest mode (an error is displayed). Set a public user referenced in the Product name - ev itsm.png database.
Error if Data Sources with no connector If an application contains a Data Source with no connector, it can no longer be launched: the error message No EV Connector Found is displayed. Fixed in 2016.6.17.7
Clean up your apps and delete those Data Sources (see Best Practices).
Knowledge Base Custom widget The KBase (Search & Details) custom widget under the Operation section doesn't work properly :
The detail of the first knowledge article returned after a search is not displayed after the dirst selection.
Do not use this custom widget. The Knowledge Base page is correctly configured on the IT Portal template.
If you don't build your portal based on the Template:
- download its last version
- save the Knowledge Base part as custom widget
- use this custom widget in your app.
Questions of type SQL List on Multi-Sections questionnaires The execution context is not applied in the queries of SQL List questions on Multi-Sections questionnaires. Will be fixed in the next version.
In the meantime you're advised not to use Multi-Sections questionnaires having SQL List questions in Product name - ev sas.png
Related actions The actions bar (buttons to complete tasks) is not displayed for related actions. Fixed in 2016.6.17.7
Message with request's reference and status not displayed if recipient changed If the recipient is changed via the questionnaire, then the message with the reference and status of the created incident or service request is not displayed. Fixed in 2016.6.17.7
Knowledge Base in a TAB widget If the Knowledge Base is displayed in a TAB widget the search becomes impossible once another tab item has been displayed. Until fix, configure your app so that the Knowledge Base page is accessed via a menu item or a button.
Breadcrumbs inverted in the case of auto drill down The part of the path corresponding to the auto drill down is presented the wrong way up. N/A
TAB-HTML: the first tab is automatically selected upon item selection change Example documentation icon EN.png A TAB-HTML widget of 2 tab items Description and Status & SLA displaying information of an incident selected i na list (Data Viewer).
When another incident is selected, the leftmost TAB item is automatically displayed.
The issue is not replicated on TAB widgets displaying pages.
Asterisk display
The asterisk indicating mandatory questions is now displayed attached to the question's label, with no blank space. N/A
Questions split in 2 lines
The space allocated for the display of questions is narrower in Product name - ev sas.png and some questions are split in 2 lines whereas they are displayed ona single line in Product name - ev itsm.png N/A
Cancellation wizard displayed with a blank header The title of the cancellation wizard (new feature) is not displayed. Until the issue is fixed, set a clear wording in the Label parameter.
Example documentation icon EN.png Cancellation comment.
Single Row on Small option in custom widget When a custom widget is created, the new row display option is saved with the value Stack on Small even if it was set to Single Row on Small. The option must be changed on the rows created via a custom widget if they need to be displayed on a single row on small devices (like the row displaying a logo, the connected user'name and avatar and logout button).
Data Picker
Selection of a specific record
When the #Row option is used to point to a specific record (i.e. to display the first news article) the editor may wrongly display the value of the previous record which misleads the app builder. The numbering starts from zero. So in order to display the nth record, set #Row to n-1.
Example documentation icon EN.png For the first record set #Row to 0.
Deletion badly handled on the Search KB widget When a Search KB widget is removed, the related Data Source is automatically deleted even if other widgets are using it. N/A
Key field sometimes hard to configure
When a new composite Data Source is created, the Key combo list is sometimes empty and the field cannot be configured. This issue is not systematically replicated.
Removing the composite Data Source then creating it again often works around the issue.
Inner Joins
The Inner Join option doesn't work anymore on composite Data Sources. N/A
with csv Data Sources don't work anymore
Composite Data Sources based on csv Data Sources are malformed. N/A
Themes are made private upon import When a theme is imported its Published property is changed to Private, which makes the theme unusable. When you import a theme ready to be used, edit it and set its Published property in the inspector.
The Start From Min Value of Data option no longer works The Start From Min Value of Data, available on BAR and LINE graphs is no longer applied. N/A
Data picker on menu indicators When the Data Picker is opened from the Field property on the Indicator tab of the menu widget, sometimes clicking on an item of the list does nothing. This happens only upon the first call of the Data Picker.
Close it and open it again.
Line breaks ignored in questions <p> tags are ignored in questions (to avoid displaying the * sign of mandatory questions on a separate line) which lead to the side-effect that line breaks are no longer displayed on multi-line questions. Add the <BR> tag to enforce a line break.
Data Viewer (FORM): impossible to reach the bottom in case of vertical scrolling The vertical scroll bar doesn't allow reaching the bottom of the content. Until the fix is available, add the code below in the <style> section:
.displayViewForm.containerScroll { height:calc(100% - 50px); }

Detail Data Source displayed empty when edited first

When a widget based on a detail Data Source is edited before the corresponding Master widget has been displayed (case when the 2 widgets are not placed on the same page), then its data is not accessible via the Data Picker nor displayed. Edit the page containing the master widget then edit the one where the detail widget is placed.
EV Filter List widget - update of the selected filters The list of selected filters may not be correct if filters have been added or deleted on the same menu in evSM, after the creation of the widget. When you need to update the list of filters selected while not sure that no filters have been added or deleted in evSM for the same query then always use the Remove action to clear all selection and restart the selection as needed.
Editing EV|ITSM Data sources after changing the execution context The filter and view combos may display objects of the default EVSM database and not those corresponding to the current execution context. Make sure Filters and Views used in applications are present in all accessed accounts. The best practice is to export all configuration elements changed in EVSM while creating an application in SandBox and import them in the production account.
Before resuming the edition of an app after changing the execution context, you're advised to save your work, exit the builder and disconnect then clear your cache (Ctrl+Shift+Suppr) and connect again.
Status Notification tag and more than one Data Viewer The Status Notification tag that allows replacing the message popped up after creating an incident/request with sticky tags doesn't work if the page contains another Data Viewer which doesn't contain the tag. N/A
Changing the sort order on a Data Source The modification of the sort order (ascending/descending) is ignored. To make the change, follow these steps:
- Set the sort order as desired
- Change the sort order field (Sort Order Aggregated if your Data Source is aggregated or Sort Order if it is flat)
- Reset the sort order field as desired
KPI Data Sources and European number format Numbers may be wrong if displayed in a KPI widget based on an EasyVista KPI Data Source in a European number format. N/A
EasyVista Search Filter - date fields Date fields are not available in the list as the search doesn't work properly on dates. N/A
Data source configuration - Some menus wrongly available The Query combo list wrongly displays some menus that may not be used via Service Apps because they have no filters nor views or have only interactive filters.
Example documentation icon EN.png
Extended CMDB>Availability>MTTR
When possible, create a report corresponding to the desired result.
Make sure you attach it to a folder to allow EV|SAS presenting it as menu.
Accordion widget The system doesn't generate a vertical scroll bar when the page to display exceeds the accordion area. Use the accordion for small paragraphs, and set the widget's height to the size of the biggest item.
Date on backups The time displayed on the Backup versions list is not converted. N/A
Padding and Auto Vertical Size on Filter List widgets The Padding value is not taken into account in the Auto Vertical Align option. Will be fixed.

In the meantime, erase the Height property in the widget's Theme section.

Calculated fields on variable Data sources returning more than 30 records When adding calculated fields (aggregates, computed through the Data Transformer), the system takes into account the first 30 records if the DataSource is a variable one (not a local csv or json) Use an aggregated DataSource for calculated fields (SUM, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE), that returns less than 30 items.
Example documentation icon EN.png If you wish to display the number of incidents, use a DataSource with a view by Status or Priority.
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