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Last modified on 2022/05/28 10:55

Title Error Description Workaround
Theme Some properties defined in a theme are not properly applied when an application based on the theme is executed. Use your theme on one application, execute it and check that all the settings are properly applied.
If you detect properties that are not properly handled, edit the theme and set the Inherit option for those properties.
Corrections will be included in the next release.
EV Filter List widget - update of the selected filters The list of selected filters may not be correct if filters have been added or deleted on the same menu in evSM, after the creation of the widget. When you need to update the list of filters selected while not sure that no filters have been added or deleted in evSM for the same query then always use the Remove action to clear all selection and restart the selection as needed.
Editing EV|ITSM Data sources after changing the execution context The filter and view combos may display objects of the default EVSM database and not those corresponding to the current execution context. Make sure Filters and Views used in applications are present in all accessed accounts. The best practice is to export all configuration elements changed in EVSM while creating an application in SandBox and import them in the production account.
Inventory submenu A wrongly named Inventory submenu appears on the queries of the Home module. Ignore this level, the query is properly linked to the right menu.
Example documentation icon EN.png Home>Inventory>My Incidents displayed in the combo represents the Home>My Incidents menu in Service Manager
Filter List - Auto Vertical Size The Auto Vertical Size option doesn't take into account the header size: when the latter is displayed, the widget is truncated at the bottom. Place the Header content in a secured HTML widget, above the Filter List.
EasyVista Search Filter - date fields Date fields are not available in the list as the search doesn't work properly on dates. N/A
Data source configuration - Some menus wrongly available The Query combo list wrongly displays some menus that may not be used via Service Apps because they have no filters nor views or have only interactive filters.
Example documentation icon EN.png
Extended CMDB>Availability>MTTR
When possible, create a report corresponding to the desired result.
Make sure you attach it to a folder to allow EV|SAS presenting it as menu.
Accordion widget The system doesn't generate a vertical scroll bar when the page to display exceeds the accordion area. Use the accordion for small paragraphs, and set the widget's height to the size of the biggest item.
Date on backups The time displayed on the Backup versions list is not converted. N/A
BAR/LINE ruler On Bar and Line charts representing multiple metrics, the ruler is not recomputed according to the dynamic filtering carried out through the legend. Until this defect is fixed, avoid mixing on the same chart metrics with inhomogeneous scales.
Calculated fields on variable Data sources returning more than 30 records When adding calculated fields (aggregates, computed through the Data Transformer), the system takes into account the first 30 records if the DataSource is a variable one (not a local csv or json) Use an aggregated DataSource for calculated fields (SUM, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE), that returns less than 30 items.
Example documentation icon EN.png If you wish to display the number of incidents, use a DataSource with a view by Status or Priority.
HTML Composer Widgets Shrinking an image makes it disappear. Adjust the size of your images before using them in HTML Composer widgets.
Google Map widget When a list of locations are displayed on a map, the sytem pops the zoomed location of those that are not yet referenced in the locations table (system table).
This issue is encountered only once per location, where the Latitude and Longitude are computed then stored in a local cache.
Google Map widget and Street View custom widget The Full Address field that is calculated by the system is functional only in the language with which it was configured. Until this issue is fixed, duplicate your application and make one version per language.
User Management Lists (users/applications) are sometimes wrongly displayed empty. Close the popup and open it again.
(not systematic) OAuth 2 Parameters Window Waiting bars do not disappear & a Forbidden logo appears when hovering over the Manage button (mainly with Chrome).
A click on the Manage button doesn’t allow opening the corresponding window.
Select another Service in the Service Combobox then select once again the previous service (selected when the "Freezing" occured).
Refresh issue while creating an EasyVista KPI Data source When you add an EasyVista KPI Data Source, the system doesn't automatically run the corresponding query and displays No Data Available in the Preview area. It is only a refresh issue. Refreshing the browser (F5) forces the system to execute the query and display the result.
Refresh issue while creating a REST Data source When Case 1 - When you add a REST Data Source and type a uri/endpoint and then click on the Selector button, the Selector window may be displayed empty (mainly in case of REST Data source with “None Authentication)
Case 2 – With a REST data source with Basic Authentication, if you modify parameters (i.e. change the user name and/or password) and then Click on the Selector button, 2 stacked Selector windows may appear (1 empty & 1 full with the expected results).
Case 1 – Click on the Save button in the tool bar before clicking on the Selector button.
Case 2 – Unfortunately no workaround exists, just close the first window (empty)
Both issues shall be fixed in the next release.
Color cannot be changed on some foundation icons used in menus List of concerned icons:
Foundation icons with fill.png
There are very few icons concerned by this issue. If you don't want the default black, choose another icon.
Columns width not properly handled in Data Viewer grids When you add a Data Viewer based on a Data source having columns with large texts, then the grid (now the default view mode) is displayed outside the work area, with a horizontal scroll bar. Use the Data Transformer to select the columns to display, as you see fit.
Enhancements on the Data Viewer grid formatting will be available in the next release.
About window: EV|ITSM version If the connected user doesn't exist in all the EV|ITSM accounts referenced in connectors of type EV|ITSM, then the 'Fail' status is displayed. If you want to find out the status of the EV|ITSM platforms (whether they were upgraded to the minimum required version to work properly with EV|SAS), then use a login present in all accounts referenced in EV|SAS connectors (in general Sandbox and Production).
Indicators on menus Computation doesn't work properly if Data Transformer (the Edit button) is used along with the Data Picker (# icon). Do not use the Data Transformer and the Data Picker at the same time.
Import of old applications A new security check has been implemented. It impacts the import of applications: those created with a previous version may no longer be imported via the gallery. Contact the cmc team. They can carry out the import for you.
Order in Detail data sources The order defined in the Master/Detail section of a data source is not applied. N/A
Click2Get on smartphones When a software packaged for Click2Get (without validation) is requested via a smartphone, the system displays the "Click2Get initialization failed" message instead of replacing the button's label with "Device not supported". Advice: avoid presenting Click2Get packaged software on smartphones. This can be done by creating a smartphone version of the Data Viewer based on a data source with a filter that discards those entries.
Line breaks entered via AppStore Line breaks entered in questions of type Memo are not properly handled. A Rich Text Editor will be implemented in a future release. Until then, you can add an Internal Update Step at the beginning of your workflow to replace the carriage return and line feed codes with the line break HTML tag:
SET COMMENT = replace(COMMENT, char(13)+ char(10), '<br>')
Contact IT form not functional after an update in the text editor When the code for the Contact IT form is saved in the text editor, additional tags are added automatically by the system resulting in code that will not display. Download EXP icon.png Upload
If your form doesn't display correctly, use the HTML code above, adjust the CATALOG_GUID and URL to the waiting.gif image then paste the code directly into the HTML edit zone in the property inspector.
Note: This form has become obsolete now that questionnaires have been implemented.
Search Filter under IE The search icon of the Search Filter widget is not displayed under IE. Download EXP icon.png Style to display the icon under IE
Add the style above in the widget's Header section. Set the header's Height property to zero if you don't have a header to display.
Note: This error will be fixed in the next release and youw will have to remove this code.
Tree drilldown field not set In a Data Source with an aggregated view on a tree table (ex: Department, Location, etc.), when the returned result contains a null value (represented by a '-' in Product name - ev itsm.png), then the result is wrong. No workaround exists. Will be corrected in the next version.
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