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   •   You will find only releases with new features on this page. To find releases with only bug fixes, please consult the Change Log pages.

  • This is a version release document. Some of the screenshots may show a slight difference compared to the release version as we are constantly seeking to improve the design and usability up until the release date.

   The pages on the wiki detailing latest news will be updated soon. For more up-to-date information, please consult What's New in the Wiki page.

What's new in the infrastructure

Managing app images and logos

  • Images, logos, etc. are systematically reduced in order to avoid overloading the bandwidth required during transfer.
  • Alpha channels are now correctly managed.
  • An internal naming convention for .JS and .CSS files is used to reduce the need for clearing the cache when updating javascript files or style sheets on the server.

What's new in the Studio

New HTML editor

The HTML editor CKEditor has been replaced with Live Editor. Users can access several new wizards that help format text, images, tables, etc.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_558c6214.png

Managing combo boxes in the Properties Inspector

Combo boxes now have an incremental search field in which you can specify several criteria.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_78dac98b.png

You can now replace the name of the app (found at the top left in the title bar when the app is run) with the logo you want. To do so, you should access the Application properties box and select the Logo option. You then upload the logo you want using wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_12d3d626.png.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m3ef57387.png

       wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m45c4acf6.png

What's new in data access

MS SQL Server connector

The Microsoft SQL Server connector is now available. However, its presence in the setup will depend on the customer's license.

Its configuration is easy. You are simply required to select the database and run an SQL query using a SELECT clause to retrieve the information you want.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m152bd017.png

Master-detail relationship for data sources

You can now link data sources using a master-detail relationship. 


  • The detail table can only be an EasyVista Service Manager data source. You can define the configuration in the new Master/Detail section of the data source.
  • Data source pagination is not managed. To ensure optimal performance, you must be careful not to use queries that will return too many records, e.g. displaying all employees on a site may slow the system down if there are several thousand employees.
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_51a4ca08.png

What's new in the EasyVista Service Manager environment

Sorting data in EasyVista Service Manager data sources

New options are now available for defining the sort order in data sources that are based on an EasyVista Service Manager connector. This is applicable for the flat view as well as the aggregated view of the connector.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m4bac404.png

When you view data using a Data Viewer widget in a grid, the wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m758b84d4.png arrow shows the column where the sort order is applied and indicates whether it is in ascending or descending order.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_629707cc.png

New and modified widgets

Adding map styles to the Google Maps widget

You can now select a map style.

       wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m759a5001.png

In simple mode

  • In simple mode, go to the Visualization section and click the wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m24e7e32d.png icon in the Properties Inspector to open the style editor.
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_49c432ce.png
  • A window will display some examples of the styles you can apply directly to your map.
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_4249a321.png

In advanced mode

  • In advanced mode, you can directly edit the map style defined by a javascript table with different settings.
  • You can see some examples on Once you have selected the map style you want, you should click the [ COPY ] button to retrieve the corresponding javascript table and paste it in the EasyVista style editor.
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m69299c56.png

Changes to the Search Filter widget

The Search Filter widget has been aligned with the new search widget called Full Text. You can now enter text in the Search Placeholder field.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_118015c5.png

Changes to the Menu widget

Now, you can specify if you want to replace the current page by displaying the new page in the current tab or window, or if you want to display the new page in another tab or window.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_1f10c209.png

Changes to the Data Viewer widget

Simpler navigation

Icons for selecting the different display modes have been simplified and unnecessary animation has been removed.

  • New icons for changing the display mode: wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_28996698.png
  • Icon for exiting the Form mode: wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m7ef0ee3f.png

Classification of properties

Data Viewer widget properties have been classified in the Properties Inspector to make them easier to use.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m55bd0af5.png

Managing forms

To ensure optimal performance, you may not want to display all of the fields available in a list. This is why you can now have a dedicated data source for forms that require more information to be displayed. This data source must be linked to the main data source of the Data Viewer widget using the master-detail relationship described above.

  • The Form section in the Properties Inspector of the Data Viewer widget now integrates new information.
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_37eb7888.png
  • The Form Detail Data Source field is used to specify the name of the data source that displays the form. This data source must be linked to the main data source using the master-detail relationship that you can configure by clicking wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_762ab5b5.png.
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m24e2d2d5.png

Displaying the EasyVista Service Manager Knowledge Base

You can now access the Full Text search in the EasyVista Service Manager Knowledge Base. To enable access, you must use the EasyVista Knowledge Base widget (1) and a Data Viewer widget (2) as well as the associated data sources.

Note: If your version or EasyVista Service Manager is 2015.1, you need to add the following two queries to your EV SM configuration.

  • The general interface appears as follows:
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_755b6e01.png
  • When you click one of the rows, the form will display detailed information. You can change the rating of the article.
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_addbeed.png

New Knowledge Base widget

This widget belongs to the EasyVista category in the widget library.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_2908d19b.png

It contains a text field, a button for running the search wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_3d4bd412.png and another button for accessing the advanced settings.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_a7237f.png

  • When the Knowledge Base widget is used, a data source interfacing with the EasyVista Service Manager Full Text search will automatically be created. The data source is only useful when the Knowledge Base widget is used and cannot be added without it.
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_2d2f4588.png

(1) Automatically created data source required for ensuring the link with the Full Text search.
(2) Used to restrict the search using keywords separated by semi-colons. Note: These keywords must exist in EasyVista Service Manager but no verification is performed.
(3) Default search text.
(4) Default search language.
(5) The period included in the search. The options are similar to those in EasyVista Service Manager.
(6) Type of search, i.e. all words or at least one of the words.
(7) Used to show or hide the advanced options. The advanced mode is indicated by the wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m13bac0c2.png icon to the right of the search field. When you click this icon, an additional pane will appear in the lower part of the search section.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_489481ce.png

  • Configuration of the automatically created Knowledge Base data source:
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m68b49171.png

(1) Used to run the search directly and display the results in a Data Viewer widget. You can use this option to display the search results directly without going through the Knowledge Base widget.
(2) Used to specify a topic via its GUID to restrict the search to articles related to the topic and sub-topics.

Displaying results in the Data Viewer widget

Note: The Data Viewer widget used to display search results is a standard custom widget. You are not required to redefine the configuration but you should understand the details involved.

  • The List mode is created using the Data Picker, by inserting the corresponding tags in the fields present in the "pseudo" Knowledge Base data source.
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m2cab5f4a.png
  • You can format the line cell used to display search results in the usual way using the text editor.
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_65f7dd0.png
  • A new icon wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_4e471a11.png enables you to integrate the display of ratings wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_209270ee.png in the form. Select the field for the ratings and specify if it is accessible in read-only mode or if it can be modified. In a list, the ratings will show the average score in read-only mode. In a form, the ratings which can be modified will display the previous score you gave the article in the Knowledge Base.
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m47997ed5.png
  • The Form mode is created by adding a data source to the EasyVista Knowledge Base which is linked to the main data source using the master-detail relationship. The use of a second data source helps improve performance because the search results will not display the full contents of the articles. Next, click wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_762ab5b5.png to configure the data source.
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_m54bcac9d.png
            wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_60fdb8b4.png

Managing lists in questionnaires

Two new types of answers are now available for questions, - integers and drop-down lists. Drop-down lists can contain several columns and a search function enables you to filter records.
        wiki Easyvista Service Apps 2015_APRIL_FR_html_5afe33d5.png

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