VMware AirWatch Integration

Integration Summary

VMware AirWatch is a VMware enterprise mobility management tool that Product name - ev sas.png integrates with seamlessly. It creates a secure environment on a smartphone. The apps are then available to users on their smartphones through the VMware Workspace One platform.

Integration takes place at 2 levels:

  • The URLs to access the apps are pushed to the smartphones required through the standard mechanisms for URL provision of VMware Workspace One.
  • Product name - ev sas.png supports VMware Workspace One SAML SSO. Consequently, users are automatically identified and do not need to enter a username or password specific to Product name - ev sas.png.  
Data integration flow (direction) Authentication type Integration connector options

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  • ADFS2 and ADFS3
  • SAML v2.0


SaaS version of third-party product

On-premise version of third-party product

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Step-by-step Integration Process

This integration does not require any special configuration. Only SAML SSO v2.0 implementation is required. 

Contact Logo - EasyVista.png support to request implementation of SAML SSO on your Product name - ev sas.png platform.

Best Practice big icon.pngBest Practice

  • Systematically distribute a shortcut, not the direct URL of the app.

        Open url.png See Shortcut Management.
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