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Management of Change Requests

The IT service treats all types of changes described in the changes catalog.
         Example documentation icon EN.png  Change of version of a DBMS / Replacing the hard disk drive of an application server

Only a change request attached to one of the entries (or subjects) of this catalog is supported.

  • The processing of the object is controlled by the workflow of the entry into the catalog.
  • The entry is made by the users via the Self Service portal and via the Quick Call (Call Pickup) for IT support members.

Available Features

    Open url.png  see Life Cycle of a change request

Management of Investment Requests

The IT service offers an investments catalog intended to facilitate the (re)supply of the goods inventory (equipment/software/consumables). Unlike service requests, these requests are not assigned to recipients.

Example documentation icon EN.png  Renewal of Servers/Order Toner Cartridges

Only an investment request attached to one of the entries (or subjects) of these catalogs is supported.

  • The processing of the request is handled by the workflow of the entry into the catalog.
  • Validation from a manager may be requested before action is taken.
  • A request can be passed on to the benefit of several storage locations (multi-site management).

Available Features

  • Budgeting of applications following the cost of goods defined in the catalog.
  • Posting to a budgetary commitment at the time of billing.

    Open url.png  see Life Cycle of an investment request


The logistics step includes:

Available Features


Invoicing enables you to break IT expenses down by analytical cost allocation.

Available Features

Knowledge Management

A knowledge article is a known error with a Knowledge Base status

You can create a knowledge article via an incident, problem or action. You can also create them individually.

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