Service Transition Overview

Management of Change Requests

The IT service treats all types of changes described in the changes catalog.
         Example documentation icon EN.png  Change of version of a DBMS / Replacing the hard disk drive of an application server

Only a change request attached to one of the entries (or subjects) of this catalog is supported.

  • The entry is made by the Back Office via a ticket.
  • The processing of the object is controlled by the workflow of the entry into the catalog.

Available Features

   Open url.png  see Life Cycle of a change request

Management of Investment Requests

The IT service offers an investments catalog intended to facilitate the (re)supply of the assets stock (equipment/software/consumables). Unlike service requests, these requests are not assigned to recipients.

Example documentation icon EN.png  Renewal of Servers/Order Toner Cartridges

Only an investment request attached to one of the entries (or subjects) of these catalogs is supported.

  • The processing of the request is handled by the workflow of the entry into the catalog.
  • Validation from a manager may be requested before action is taken.
  • A request can be passed on to the benefit of several storage locations (multi-site management).

Available Features

  • Budgeting of applications following the cost of goods defined in the catalog.
  • Posting to a budgetary commitment at the time of billing.

   Open url.png  see Life Cycle of an investment request


The logistics step includes:

Available Features


Invoicing enables you to break IT expenses down by analytical cost allocation.

Available Features

Knowledge Management

A knowledge article is a known error with a Knowledge Base status

You can create a knowledge article via an incident, problem or action. You can also create them individually.

Life Cycles

Characteristics specific to versions 2016 and earlier

  • Back Office: Entry of the change requests and the investment requests via the Quick Call.
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