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It is possible to replace the standard message 'Your request has been generated with n°...' with banner type tags :

Request Status result EN.png

The configuration is carried out by adding the Status Notification tag right after the New Request tag:

Request Status.png

Known Error: in version 2016.6, this option doesn't work if another Data Viewer widget is present on the same page.

With the current version, you need to add the <BR> at the end of the label and check the right position as in the capture below so that the indicator is centered below the menu label:

Indicator centered under Menu.png

Note: If you used the style <H1> to <H6> in the label, do not add the <BR> code.

The first thing to do when an image is not displayed is to check that it is uploaded in the application and that its path is correct.

When a code with an image is copied from application A into application B, the image's path points to application A and will be displayed as long as application A exists. If application A is deleted, the path will no longer exist, and the image in application B can no longer be displayed.

The same happens whenever a widget with an image is saved as custom and used in another application.

Note: When an application is duplicated or exported, then all uploaded images are copied and the paths replaced automatically by the system. During this process, only the path of the application is taken into consideration. So if an image's path points to another application or platform, it will not be replaced.

If the team was created manually (not generated by the system), then it will not be considered during the synchronization process when a user logs in.

example A team A is created manually in Service Apps; a group A exists in Service Manager

  • First logging in of a member of the group A to Service Apps ==> A second team A will be created by the synchronization process.
  • Users of group A will never be automatically added to or removed from the first A team (created manually).

The report for the management of attachments on objects other than incidents and service requests (knowledge base, equipment catalog, etc.) is available on the June 2016 Release Notes page.

After the report is imported in Service Manager log in to Product name - ev sas.png and configure your Data Sources as follows:

- A Data Source to list the knowledge articles.

- A detail Data Source based on the APPS - Download document (details on other tables). Configure the settings of the Master/Detail section with PK as Master Field and FK_AM_DOCUMENT_ID as Detail Field.

More details on the configuration are on the Download Documents page.

Note: The builder doesn't always display the detail (like in the case when the first record doesn't have any). To check your configuration run the app and select a knowledge item that has attachments.

Open url.png see Update Incident wizard

From version 2016.6.17 the buttons colors may be configured through editing each widget's theme.

If your platform is in an older version, edit the Send Button widget and add the code below, after replacing the code colors with yours, in the Label property:

a button {background-color: #3D85C6!important; color: white !important;}

a button:hover {background-color: #58af00!important; color: white !important;}

The first line overloads the background color and the text color of the Cancel and Send buttons.

The second line configures the colors for the mouse over event.


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