Error "No XML for a Guid"

Last modified on 2022/05/28 10:55

When can the error occur?

  • When the wizard is started
  • When a service request is created
  • When an incident is created

What are the effects on Service Manager?

The dashboard does not appear regardless of the user account or profile.

How to correct the problem?

1. Check that the SMOEasyvistaServer service is started.

2. Check its configuration defined in the XML file.

  • Open <easyvista>\tools\servers\EASYVISTASERVER\EasyvistaServer.xml on the application server.
  • Check the value of the BrokerAddress parameter. The IP address must be specified (Note: A known bug prevents DNS resolution from working correctly).
  • Check the value of the EasyvistaServerPort parameter. It must be different from the value of the SMOServerPort parameter.

3. Check the port of the easyvistaserver service in evo_admin.ezv_admin.A_PARAMETERS via the following query.
It must be identical to the value of the EasyvistaServerPort parameter specified in the XML file for the SMOEasyvistaServer service.

SELECT TOP 1000 [param_id],[param_value],[comment],[last_update]
FROM   [EVO_ADMIN].[EZV_ADMIN].[a_parameters]

         XML error - select easyvistaserver.png

4. Restart the services.

Note: We recommend that you follow the order below when stopping or restarting services, including the new EasyvistaServer service:

  •  When stopping services:
    • net stop SMO Scheduler
    • net stop SMO TSAPlugin
    • net stop smo Print Server
    • net stop SMO Monitoring
    • net stop EasyVistaKernel
    • net stop SMO Easyvista Server
    • net stop SMO Server
    • net stop SMO Broker
  • When restarting services:
    • net start SMO Broker
    • net start SMO Server
    • net start SMO Easyvista Server
    • net start EasyVistaKernel
    • net start SMO Monitoring
    • net start smo Print Server
    • net start SMO TSAPlugin
    • net start SMO Scheduler
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