Error "No XML for a Guid"

Last modified on 2023/08/03 11:48

The "No XML for a Guid" error can occur:

  • When a wizard is started.
  • When a service request is created.
  • When an incident is created.

Effects on Service Manager:

  • The dashboard does not appear regardless of the user account or profile.

Procedure: How to correct the problem

1. Check that the SMOEasyvistaServer service is started.

2. Check its configuration defined in the XML file.

  • Open <easyvista>\tools\servers\EASYVISTASERVER\EasyvistaServer.xml on the application server.
  • Check the value of the BrokerAddress parameter. The IP address must be specified.

   A known bug prevents DNS resolution from working correctly.

  • Check the value of the EasyvistaServerPort parameter. It must be different from the value of the SMOServerPort parameter.

3. Check the port of the easyvistaserver service in evo_admin.ezv_admin.A_PARAMETERS via the following query.

It must be identical to the value of the EasyvistaServerPort parameter specified in the XML file for the SMOEasyvistaServer service.

SELECT TOP 1000 [param_id],[param_value],[comment],[last_update]
FROM   [EVO_ADMIN].[EZV_ADMIN].[a_parameters]

         XML error - select easyvistaserver.png

4. Restart the services.


  •   Only for On-Premise customers.

  • SaaS-based customers must create a change request using to ask the EasyVista CMC team to restart the services.
  • When stopping services:
    • net stop SmoScheduler
    • net stop SmoASTPlugin
    • net stop SmoPrintServer
    • net stop SmoMonitoring
    • net stop EasyvistaKernel
    • net stop EasyvistaServer
    • net stop SmoServer
    • net stop SmoBroker
  • When restarting services:
    • net start SmoBroker
    • net start SmoServer
    • net start EasyvistaServer
    • net start EasyvistaKernel
    • net start SmoMonitoring
    • net start SmoPrintServer
    • net start SmoASTPlugin
    • net start SmoScheduler
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