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You can replace the standard message Your request has been generated with n°...... with banner type tags displaying the ticket number and the status.

Request Status result EN.png

1. Go to the text editor and display advanced tags from the EasyVista category, via Apps - Text Editor - Advanced tags icon.png.

2. Add the Status Notification tag right after the New Request tag.

Open url.png See Status Notification advanced tag.

Request Status.png

Known Error: In version 2016.6, this option does not work if another Data Viewer widget is present on the same page.

Update ticket generation label - Example.png

Messages displayed when creating a ticket are stored in a configuration file. You can update them, granting the relevant edit rights.

   Caution : The configuration file of messages can be overwritten when Service Manager will be updated.

1. Open the .js file located in the /var/www/argo/lang folder.

example Fichier des messages en français : /var/www/argo/lang/fr.js

Update ticket generation label - List js files.png

2. Modify the lines you want in the NewRequestButton section.

Update ticket generation label - Edit js file.png

1. Display the properties of the Menu widget item via Apps - Edit icon.png next to the Data > Menu field.

2. Click on the Indicator tab.

3. (Note: Only if you do not use a <H1> to <H6> predefined style in the label) Add the html instruction <BR> at the end of the menu item label.

4. Select the position at the right of the menu item label.

Indicator centered under Menu.png

You must use a specific report using to display and download attachments on objects other than incidents and service requests (knowledge base, equipment catalog, etc.).

1. Import in Service Manager the report available on the Download documents page.

2. Go to Service Apps.

3. Create the data sources required.

•  Create a data source to retrieve knowledge articles.

•  Create a detail data source based on the APPS - Download document (details on other tables).

•  Configure the Master/Detail section. Open url.png See the master-detail relation.

○  Select the PK value in the Master Field field.

○  Select the FK_AM_DOCUMENT_ID value in the Detail Field field.

4. For the remaining settings, please see the Download documents page.

5. Run the app to check that it works correctly by selecting a knowledge item that has attachments.


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