Time Sheets

Time sheets are weekly reports submitted by participants who are in charge of performing tasks in a project

  • This tool enables the project manager to have an overall weekly estimation of the remaining work to be done in order to complete the project. 
  • The data entered is used for all calculations in the Project Portfolio.

Each time sheet:

  • Displays all uncompleted tasks assigned to the participant for the selected period, usually the current week. The table displays one row for each project task.
  • Is used to enter the time spent every day on each task.
  • Is used to enter the rate of progress of each task at the end of the week.

Project managers can access and enter their own time sheets as well as the time sheets for all participants in their current projects. This enables them to correct errors and to enter time sheets for absent participants.


  • Once a value is entered, the time sheet is automatically saved.
  • Duration is expressed in hours:minutes.
  • The rate of progress is estimated by each participant, independently of the time scheduled by the project manager. No controls are run on the total time entered for a task and the scheduled completion time.
  • When a task's rate of progress is 100%, the task will no longer appear on the participant's time sheet. Only project managers can access time sheets to correct errors or adjust the rate of progress if they deem that the task is not completed.
  • Project managers can access tasks that were personally assigned to them as well as all tasks in their project by selecting Time Sheet > My Projects in the menu.
  • Only project managers can continue entering time sheets for completed or canceled projects by selecting Time Sheet > My Projects in the menu. These tasks will no longer appear in the time sheets of participants.
  • The Planning tab of the Project form, the Gantt chart and the health indicators displayed in the Project Portfolio are automatically updated each time a time sheet is entered.

Screens description

Time sheet - My projects.png
Menu access: Project > Time Sheet > My Projects

Time sheet - My tasks.png
Menu access: Project > Time Sheet > My Tasks

Select a Date: Used to display and enter all tasks to be completed during the week containing the selected date.

  • Weeks always start on Monday.
  • Click < or > to display the previous or following week.

Support Person: Name of the participant who is entering the time sheet.

  • In the My Projects time sheet, project managers can access a drop-down list containing all participants in their current projects. 

Display Tasks Between: Used to display all tasks to be completed during the selected period and enter the tasks to be completed during the week containing the start date of the period.

Best Practice icon.png Select the period in this field to enter tasks completed ahead of their schedule. These tasks do not appear when you select the current week in the Select a Date field.

Time Spent on Task: Time spent by the participant working on the task.

  •  Expressed in hours:minutes.

Browse points icon.png (Note: Displayed only if a time was entered). Used to display a field for entering a comment on the task.
         Example documentation icon EN.png  This can explain an event leading to a delay.

Progress (%): Rate of progress of task completion. 

  • This is an estimation made by the participant based on the situation at the end of the week.

? Week: Total weekly time spent on the task.

  •  Automatically calculated once a time is entered.

? Cumulative: Sum of all time spent on the task, i.e. for all of the weeks in the project.

  •  Automatically calculated once a time is entered.

Total Daily: Total time spent per day and per week.

  •  Automatically calculated once a time is entered.

Project access icon.png (Note: Only in My Projects): Access the Project form.

Procedure: How to enter a time sheet


1. Select Project > Time Sheet > My Tasks or My Projects if you are the project manager.

2. Select the date for the relevant time sheet in the Select a Date field. You can also select a period using the Display Tasks Between fields. Tasks to be completed during this period will appear.

3. Enter the time spent per day and the weekly rate of progress for each task. The data will automatically be saved.

  • Click Browse points icon.png if you want to enter a comment on the task after entering a time.
  • Click < or > to enter the time sheet for previous or following weeks.
  • The Project form, Gantt chart and Project Portfolio will be updated.
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