Scheduled Tasks (The Service Manager Scheduler)


The Product name - ev itsm.png scheduler is used to run certain scheduled tasks in the interface to calculate trends and alerts, send scheduled reports, run integration models and purge archives. All these tasks can be run based on a specified frequency and disabled at any time.


You can view active tasks, see their next execution date and duration, and disable tasks in different task monitoring tables. These tools enable you to optimize the planning and scheduling of tasks.


  • You can access task monitoring tables by selecting Administration > Scheduled Tasks in the menu. This menu groups different options together:
    • Scheduled Tasks option: Displays all scheduled tasks.
    • Trends, Scheduled Alerts, Scheduled Reports, Integrations, Purge Archives: Display each type of task.
  • You can disable a task in its task monitoring table.

  Open url.png  See How to choose the best tool for automating integration.


Screen description

      Scheduled tasks.png

Menu access: Administration > Scheduled Tasks > (option)  (example above: Trends option)

Name: Name of the scheduled task.

Next Compute: Date/time that the task will next be run, based on its frequency. 

Last Start Calculation Date: Start date/time of the last scheduled task run. 

Last End of Calculation Date: End date/time of the last scheduled task run. 

Parent Task: Parent task associated with the scheduled task. The latter will automatically be run once the parent task is completed.

Procedure: How to display scheduled tasks

1. Select Administration > Scheduled Tasks in the menu and select the type of task you want. The corresponding task monitoring table will appear.

2. To disable a task:

  • Select the task you want.
  • Run the Disable wizard. The task will disappear from the task monitoring table and its automatic execution will be stopped.

3. To enable a task:

  • Display the list of tasks or the task you want.
  • Run the Enable wizard. The task will appear in the task monitoring table in the Administration > Scheduled Tasks menu.
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