Supported Web Browsers - End of Support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

Starting with the Oxygen release of Software suite - ev itsm.png, Logo - EasyVista.png software do not support Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) anymore.

This document is here to provide some details on this subject.

Why is Internet Explorer not supported anymore?

Microsoft pushes Internet Explorer actively to migrate to Edge the new standard Microsoft Browser and does not update Internet Explorer 11 anymore. The most recent web technologies are not supported by Internet Explorer.

In order to guarantee the best user experience on the web, Logo - EasyVista.png decided to use state of the art web technologies ant not restrict its product to technologies supported by IE11.  

What are the consequences if I keep using Internet Explorer?

We are highly recommending you to migrate to one of the supported web browser.  

If you keep using Internet Explorer, here are some limitations you will be facing: 

  • Product name - ev itsm.png: Starting with Oxygen, a message prevents usage of IE11.
  • Product name - ev sas.png: Phosphorus and previous versions still support IE11. If a specific behavior requires a product change, you will be asked to switch to a supported browser.  

What are the supported browser?



  • Browsers not listed below are not supported.
  • While Product name - ev itsm.png or Product name - ev sas.png might run without major issues in compatible browser versions, Logo - EasyVista.png do not fix bugs in them if they may not appear in the supported browser versions.
  • Current and (Current-1): Denotes that Logo - EasyVista.png supports the current stable version of the browser and the version that preceded it.
             Example documentation icon EN.png  Current version of the browser: 22  ==>  Supported versions: 22 and 21

Product name - ev itsm - big.png

Browser Compatible Version Supported Version
Microsoft Edge 13+ Current and (Current-1)
Google Chrome 40+ Current and (Current-1)
Mozilla Firefox 39+ Current and (Current-1)
Apple Safari 10.1+ Current
iOS 10.1+ Current

Product name - ev sas - big.png

Browser Compatible Version Supported Version
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 None
Microsoft Edge 12+ Current and (Current-1)
Google Chrome 40+ Current and (Current-1)
Mozilla Firefox 39+ Current and (Current-1)
Apple Safari 7.1+ Current
iOS 7+ Current

      Specific Limits

Operating System Limits, Constraints, Versions
Android Native Android browsers are not supported. Use Chrome for Android.
TV screens Modern TVs usually integrate a pseudo navigator with lots of limitations. If you want to show Product name - ev sas.png pages on big screens, do not use the native browser integrated with the TV, but use one of the browsers listed above on a connected PC.
Any Operating System Beta version of browsers are not supported
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