Service Manager - Externalize the Resources Directory

To ensure the security of your Service Manager data, you can modify the folder containing your resources and move it to a location on your server that is not accessible via the Internet.

Procedure: How to modify the resources folder

Step 1: Modify the folder in the smo_config.php file

1. Open the file called /usr/local/etc/evse-config/smo_config.php.

2. Modify the default folder, resources by replacing the {new_directory} value with the following value, /usr/local/etc/evse-resources/.



  • Default folder
             Default directory - smo_config.png
  • New folder
             New directory - smo_config.png

2. Ensure the new resources folder is compatible with and accessible to the solution.

  • If you are installing Service Manager for the first time, you must recreate the tree structure in the new resources folder and check that write access is correctly assigned.
  • If you are performing a migration of Service Manager, you must move the old resources folder to the new location.

Step 2: Modify the folder in the smb.conf file

1. Open the file called /usr/local/etc/samba/smb.conf.

2. Modify the default folder, resources by specifying the path variable in the [resources] section.

  • Default folder
             Default directory - smb_conf.png
  • New folder
             New directory - smb_conf.png

3. Run the command below to restart the Samba service.

sudo service smbd restart

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