Service Bots - Autumn 2020 - Release Notes

Note: This is a version release document.
  • Some of the screenshots may show a slight difference compared to the release version as we are constantly seeking to improve the design and usability up until the release date.
  • The pages on the wiki detailing these differences will be updated soon. For more up-to-date information, please consult: Open url.png Wiki News

Autumn 2020 - Build 2020.2.108.0

New wizard for creating a virtual agent

The new wizard can only be accessed by domain administrators. This is used to create and configure the contents and visual appearance of the virtual agent in greater detail in three steps:

  • Define the mission of the virtual agent. This will determine the contents of the associated Self Help projects.
  • Define general information, such as the name, description, associated Self Help projects and domains, etc.
  • Define the visual appearance (optional).

Note: Self Help projects imported by the creation wizard will not be published automatically. You must configure and publish them before you can deploy the virtual agent.

You must define the visual appearance of the virtual agent when you want to integrate the virtual agent within a Web page. You do not need to define its visual appearance if the virtual agent is used in Service Apps.

You can define multiple visual appearances for a given virtual agent.


wiki - Service Bots Autumn 2020_html_1c993ec3.png  wiki - Service Bots Autumn 2020_html_m5da2d3bf.png  wiki - Service Bots Autumn 2020_html_m3f0634a9.png

Operating principle

1. Log in to the Online Studio. Select Service Bots > Agents in the menu and click + Add.

         wiki - Service Bots Autumn 2020_html_m1fcb01b5_1.png
         wiki - Service Bots Autumn 2020_html_m1fcb01b5.png

2. Select the mission of the virtual agent among the profiles available.

         wiki - Service Bots Autumn 2020_html_50d36417.png

(1) Theme-related profiles proposed by EasyVista: Used to automatically import all Self Help projects required for the virtual agent to the domain, e.g. social base or connection packages.
(2) Starter Pack: Used to import the social base and an empty Self Help project for the virtual agent's Knowledge Base.
(3) Creation of the virtual agent using existing Self Help projects in the domain.

3. Proceed to the next step and specify general information on the virtual agent.

         wiki - Service Bots Autumn 2020_html_m5361d741.png

(1) Name of the virtual agent
(2) Reference of the virtual agent
(3) Description of the virtual agent, the mission name is used by default
(4) Domain associated with the virtual agent
(5) List of Self Help projects associated with the virtual agent

Note: By default, all projects associated with the virtual agent's mission profile will be proposed. You can disable their import by unselecting the ones you do not want.

(6) Other Self Help projects in the domain associated with the virtual agent that you can add manually

4. Proceed to the next step and configure the visual appearance of the virtual agent (optional). Click Finish.

         wiki - Service Bots Autumn 2020_html_m44e4b36e.png

(1) Name of the visual appearance
(2) Options for defining the visual appearance of the virtual agent

You can select a template in the Preset menu. You can then customize its appearance using the other menus, e.g. font, size, color, etc.

(3) Preview of the virtual agent's visual appearance

5. Self Help projects associated with the virtual agent will be imported to the domain. The new virtual agent will appear in the list of virtual agents defined on the server.

         wiki - Service Bots Autumn 2020_html_167689fe.png

6. Click the name of the virtual agent to display its details and see its visual appearances.

         wiki - Service Bots Autumn 2020_html_662668a8.png

(1) General information on the virtual agent
(2) List of the virtual agent's visual appearances. You can modify or delete each visual appearance.

You can also retrieve the virtual agent's integration code in a Web page by clicking Copy Code.

(3) Creation of a new visual appearance

7. Switch to the Desktop Studio to check that the virtual agent has been correctly created. Self Help projects associated with the virtual agent's mission will be imported and displayed in the Explorer pane in edit mode.

         wiki - Service Bots Autumn 2020_html_7b57396a.png

8. Complete the configuration of the different Self Help projects associated with the virtual agent and publish them. Deploy the new virtual agent.

Adding statistics related to Service Bots

New variables related to the use of the Service Bots virtual agent are now available in the statistics file generated using an extraction profile. They are added to the Search Engine sheet and are linked to the Search Engine.

  • SpellCheck: Search keywords once the NLP engine has made corrections to the spelling. The field is blank if no corrections were made.
  • SearchEngineCountResult: Number of results returned by the search tool.
  • DecisionCountResult: Number of results returned after analysis based on relevance.
  • ResultType: Type of results returned. The possible values are:
    • WELCOME: Welcome message
    • MISUNDERSTANDING: No results found by the virtual agent
    • REPHRASE: Several results found by the virtual agent 
    • BYE: Procedure at the end of the user journey
    • TAGSEARCH: Search for a tag
    • IDSEARCH: Run a procedure using its ID
  • Lemmas: List of significant terms in the user's query
  • Channel: Mode for viewing the procedure. The possible values are:
    • PORTAL: Procedures are viewed in the portal
    • APICONTENT: Procedures are called via the Content API
    • MSTEAMS: Procedures are viewed via MS Teams
    • SERVICEBOTS: Procedures are viewed via a virtual agent
    • AUTOMATIC: Procedures are viewed via the Portal API
    • PREVIEW: Procedures are viewed in test mode to check their display
    • DEBUG: Procedures are viewed in debug mode
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