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Oxygen 1.7 (2019-02-05)

  • [R190114_00001]: Fixed a bug on profile in Service Apps.
  • [R190104_00001]: Fixed a bug on the connector used in 'SQL List' questions.
  • [R190103_00002]: Fixed a bug when importing a background image into a page.
  • [R181226_00001]: Fixed a display bug on questions conditioned by a 'CheckBox' question.
  • [R181220_00004]: Fixed a bug on 'Radio Button' questions when they contain long labels.
  • [R181207_00001]: Fixed a bug on ticket creation using a questionnaire that contains a 'File Upload' question.
  • [R181128_00008]: Fixed a bug on the properties coming from the theme in a 'Sliding Pannel' type widget.
  • [R181114_00002]: Added a life page in Service Apps to determine the availability of the platform.
  • [R180911_00001]: Fixed a bug on multi-section questionnaires that could freeze when navigating between different sections.
  • [R180719_00001]: Added a feature to disable the Service Apps login page.
  • [R180612_00001]: Fixed a bug on 'HTML Script' widgets.
  • [R180212_00002]: Fixed a bug on 'Date and time' questions in mobile version.
  • [R171017_00003]: Fixed a bug on the display of widgets like 'Bullet Chart'.
  • [R161117_00002]: Fixed a display bug on the size of numbers in KPI widgets.

Oxygen 1.6 (2018-12-12)

  • [R181204_00001]: Fixed a bug on the positioning of captions in graphic widgets.
  • [R181203_00001]: Added some fonts in Service Apps builder.
  • [R181128_00002]: Fixed a bug when applying a font to bold textual content via the Froala text editor.
  • [R181119_00001]: Fixed a display bug on ticket creation notifications: the notification was not correctly displayed when a question was related to the category.
  • [R181115_00003]: Fixed a display bug on ticket creation notifications: the notification was duplicated in some cases.
  • [R181025_00002 / R180712_00001]: Fixed a bug on 'Integer' type questions that accepted character input.
  • [R181016_00002]: Fixed a bug in multi-section questionnaires when a section contains only one 'SQL List' type question.
  • [R181016_00001]: Fixed a sync bug at the Trusted Provider level for German users.
  • [R180912_00001]: Fixed a display bug on conditional questions in multi-section questionnaires.
  • [R180903_00001]: Fixed a display bug on pop-ups with an iPhone.
  • [R180725_00001]: Fixed a bug on the creation of new ticket with integrated questionnaire in a pop-up window.
  • [R180629_00001]: Fixed a bug on datasources based on employee reportings.
  • [R180619_00001]: Fixed a bug on check box questions in multi-section questionnaires that did not save the correct value in the database when the check box was checked and unchecked.
  • [R180131_00002]: Fixed a bug on the default valuation of a 'SQL List' type question that depends on a question from a previous section.
  • [R171201_00001]: Improvement of the ticket update widget to send the corresponding mail to all the members of the group currently in charge of the ticket if the latter does not have a group email address.
  • [R170927_00002]: Fixed a bug on 'File Upload' questions when a document is uploaded and deleted in the questionnaire.
  • [R170616_00001]: Fixed a bug on multi-section questionnaires containing conditional and mandatory questions.
  • [R161128_00001]: Fixed a display bug when a check box question is followed by a comment question.
  • [R161031_00002]: Fixed an alignment bug between 'List' type questions and 'SQL List' type questions.
  • [R161031_00001]: Harmonization of the font used in the labels of 'Memo' type questions to be consistent with other types of questions.
  • [R161012_00010]: Optimization of the display of mandatory questions not indicated when someone tries to validate a questionnaire.
  • [R160923_00002]: Fixed a display bug on 'SQL List' questions via a mobile device.
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