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The behaviour of uniqueness of some fields can differ from a customer to another. This property is managed via parameter settings for a selection of key fields (e.g.: email, group, asset tag) and not on the level of the data model:

  • The parameter settings will be enabled on forms and wizards.
  • When a field is defined as a unique key, a blocking error message will be displayed when a doubled entry is made for this field.


  • Field Employee Name: this field is not defined as a unique key field, since several employees may have the same name.
  • Field Email: this field is defined as a unique key because every employee has a unique email address.


  • The setting for uniqueness parameters has nothing to do with the uniqueness defined in the level of integrations.
  • The list of eligible key fields is provided by Logo - EasyVista.png: You will not be able to add one.
  • The check for the respect of uniqueness is carried out when a form is saved or by the wizard.
  • The error message always is a blocking message, not allowing to save the form or the wizard: It will specify the concerned field (e.g.: Asset Tag), followed by the text Uniqueness Violation (which cannot be changed).
  • The same field label may appear on several forms or wizards, always check the application context of uniqueness of the field by the table to which it belongs.

Screen description


Menu access : Administration > Parameters > Uniqueness

Description: List of fields that may be defined as unique key fields in the application. 

Table Name: Physical name in the data model of the table to which belongs the field. 

Field Name: Physical name in the database of the field.

Enabled: Specifies if the field is defined as a unique key (box is checked) or if doubled entries are authorized (box is unchecked).

Procedure: How to set parameters for the uniqueness of columns

1. Proceed to the page Administration > Parameters > Uniqueness.

2. In the List, check the box Enabled related to each field that should be defined a unique key and click on [ SAVE ].

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