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The Supplier Directory contains a tree structure of all companies providing assets, services, consumables and employees to an organization. This includes software providers, equipment suppliers, financial service providers, etc.


The information on each supplier enables you to identify its employees and the transactions related to assets, recycling information, etc.


  • In the Employee form, you can associate an employee with a supplier or service provider in the Company field. The employee will then appear in the Contacts tab of the Supplier form.
  • You manage the hierarchy of suppliers using the Reorganize wizard.


  • When you archive a supplier, this will archive all of its associated suppliers.

Best Practice

  • When you create a new form, certain information will be inherited from the parent supplier. You should only modify the information specific to the new supplier.
  • If you do not want to make the supplier available to users, you can archive it by entering the contract end date. You can then view it using the Archived filter.

Characteristics specific to versions 2016 and earlier

The Supplier Directory form in versions 2016 and earlier is different:

Menu access

References > Directory > Suppliers

Description of tabs

         Supplier directory.png


Create a new item Delete an item or association with a related item

Run the New wizard at the top of the tab

Fundamentals - Form - New wizard.png

Move the cursor over the corresponding item and click Trash icon.png

Fundamentals - Form - Delete wizard.png

Alphabetical list of tabs



Supplier: Name of the supplier.

Type: Activity of the supplier.

example  Software and equipment supplier

Web Site: URL of the supplier's website.

Mail, Phone, Fax: Information for contacting the supplier.

Location: Location of the supplier.

Address, Zip Code, City, Country: Postal address of the supplier.

Discount Rate (%): Overall discount rate granted by the supplier.

  • Note: This information is not automatically loaded in Service Manager invoices.

Currency: Devise used for transactions with the supplier.

Contract Start/Contract End Date: Period during which the contract is applicable.

  • At the end of the period, the supplier will automatically be archived. It can no longer be used in Service Manager.
  • If you modify the contract end date in the form, the modification will apply only to the current supplier. If this is a parent supplier, lower-level suppliers will not be affected.
  • If you modify the contract end date using the End of Contract wizard, the modification will apply to the current supplier and its lower-level suppliers.

Note: Comments related to the supplier.

Green IT

  • PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness): This is the ratio of the total amount of energy used by a data center facility to the energy delivered to IT equipment, e.g. servers, storage, network. This metric is used by Green IT. The ideal PUE ratio is 1. If the ratio is greater than 1, this indicates that energy is being used by various electrical equipment other than the IT equipment deployed by the data center.
  • Cloud Supplier: Used to indicate if the provider offers cloud services (box is checked) or not (box is not checked).
  • In-House Supplier: Used to indicate if the supplier provides in-house services, such as in-house data centers (box is checked) or not (box is not checked).

Best Practice icon.png  Use the trend [Ratio Cloud vs In-house Suppliers] (in the EasyVistaAsset Management folder) to calculate the ratio between cloud and in-house service providers.


List of all assets and services provided by the supplier (Matériels / Licences / Contrats, Consommables/  Common expenses).

  • Update: In this tab and also in the forms of each asset or service
  • List of fields:
    • Model: Name of the element provided by the supplier.
    • Market Price: Model price for the general public.
    • Warranty Period (Months): Number of months during which the model is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. This value is used to define the contract end date for each new asset associated with this model.
    • Discount Price: Last price applied by the supplier.



List of discussions which users can access based on their domain and the visibility of the discussion.

  • Enter the keywords you want in the Search field and press Enter
  • To cancel the search criteria and return to the complete list of discussions, provided you have the relevant rights, click within the box and then click Discussion - Delete icon.png.



List of documents attached to the current object. Open url.png See uploading and downloading documents.


List of employees working for the supplier.

  • Update: In Employee forms > Company field


List of equipment provided by the supplier.

  • Update: In Equipment forms


List of licenses provided by the supplier.

  • Update: In License forms


List of contracts signed with the supplier.

  • Update: In Contract forms


List of equipment recycled by the supplier and whose recycling date is earlier than or equal to the current date.

  • Update: In Equipment forms > Recycling of Assets wizard

Recycling - Pending

List of equipment that may be recycled by the supplier and whose recycling date is later than the current date.

Recycling - Scheduled

List of equipment that may be recycled by the supplier and whose recycling date is not specified.

History of Changes


List of all modifications made to the form of the current object. 

Procedure and Wizards

How to create a supplier

1. Select References > Directory > Suppliers in the menu.

2. Click + New.

3. Complete the information required.

4. Click Finish.


End of Contract

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