Stock Management

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The Stock Management menu enables you to manage IT assets by monitoring the entries and exits of assets, i.e. equipment, software and consumables.


You can use a specific wizard to place orders to avoid stock shortages.


  • By default, only items whose minimum stock has been reached will be displayed. The minimum stock is specified in the Equipment Catalog and in the Stock Limits tab of the Consumable Catalog.
  • Each order is linked to a single supplier.
  • Each item ordered is broken down by analytical cost allocation.

Menu access

Service Operation > Logistics > Stock Management

Procedure and Wizards

How to place an order

Step 1 : Create the order

1. Select Service Operation > Logistics > Stock Management in the menu.
         Stock Management.png

2. Select the items to be ordered.

3. Run the New Order wizard.

Step 2: Entry the order header


1. Select the supplier.

2. Complete the main information in the order.

3. Click Next.

Step 3: Entry the order rows.

1. Select the model you want to order in the Reference column.

Note: By default, only items likely to be ordered and for which a supplier was defined as the usual or potential supplier in the catalog will be available. If required, select the All Catalog Articles box.

2. Specify the quantity required and prices.

3. Select the delivery location, i.e. storage location.

4. (Optional) Specify the analytical cost allocation for each order item.

5. Click Add icon.png to add other items.

Step 4: Generate the order.

1. Click Generate Order.

2. Click Finish.

  • If you specified a transmission date, a window for configuring the email to be sent to the supplier will appear.
  • The Order form will be created. Information on order items are displayed in the Summary and Detailed tabs.


New Order

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