Service Manager - Administration Overview - Workflows and Business Rules

Last modified on 2022/05/28 10:54


The actions to perform during a database update for an object of Service Manager (incident, request, equipment, user…) are defined through management process. Depending on the object affected and the context (e.g. creation or modification), the process may be a workflow or a business rule.

Each process:

  • Contains a set of sequential steps defined and configured via a graphical editor; each step is qualified by a type of action indicating the context and detailing the action/treatment to be achieved;
  • Uses of roles and tags:
    • roles : dynamic functions indicating groups/users in charge of an action or recipients of an e-mail, without naming them individually;
    • tags: dynamic tags used in the writing of e-mails or SQL queries (Note: Tags in the e-mails may include the mail components).  

Available Features

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