Views - Characteristics specific to versions 2016 and earlier


Note: This graphical user interface is specific to Product name - ev itsm.png version 2016 and earlier.

Open url.png See Views - latest version


  • Views in a grid in List mode: Edit rights are assigned to each user profile in the module associated with the menu item using the view. Open url.png See User Profiles.


In any screen in List mode, click Edit icon.png to the right of the View drop-down list.
         Access view.png

Screens in the View form

Last-level display of the view

Display grouping levels (Drill-down)
         View - Final presentation - information.png

Display last-level information (List)
         View - Final presentation - drilldown.png

Configuration of a visual alert for a field

         View - alert.png

Access: Click Tools icon.png next to the field.

  • Background color: Background color for displaying the field value. By default, White or Blue, alternate rows.
  • Text Color: Color for displaying the field value. By default, Black.


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