Tag Colors

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Tag colors highlight certain field values, e.g. the In Repair status or the High urgency level, using specific colors. They act as visual alerts for the information to be monitored.

Tag colors are applied to field values that are visible in List mode, Board mode and in forms.


Statuses and urgency levels are highlighted

  • In Progress status is in green
  • Closed status is in gray
  • Medium level of urgency is in red

        Tag colors - Example.png


  • The table fields and values to which you can apply tag colors are defined by EasyVista. You cannot add new ones.
  • The number of tag colors is restricted to five.
  • A default color is applied to each of the tags.
  • You can select only one color for each tag. It will automatically be applied to all three display modes, i.e. List, Board and forms.
  • The color palette available ensures that accessibility requirements are satisfied and optimizes the management of text colors and background colors in tags. The hexadecimal code of the color is provided for information purposes only.


  • Modifications to tag colors are immediately applied. You are not required to validate.

Menu access

Administration > Parameters > Tag Colors

Screen description

        Tag colors.png

Name: List of field values that can be configured.

Tablename(s): Name of the Service Manager table where the field belongs.

Color: Color applied to the field value.

Procedure: How to define tag colors

Step 1: Define the colors of tags

1. Select Administration > Parameters > Tag Colors in the menu.

2. Click Preview button.png next to the field value where you want to define a tag color.

3. Select the relevant color using the color palette.

        Tag colors - Select color.png

The tag color will immediately be applied to the field value.

Step 2: Check that tag colors are correctly applied

1. Go to a list that displays the visible configured field values.

        Tag colors - In list.png

2. Switch to Board mode.

        Tag colors - In board mode.png

3. Open the details of a form.

        Tag colors - In form.png

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