Filters - Characteristics specific to versions 2016 and earlier


Note: This graphical user interface is specific to Product name - ev itsm.png version 2016 and earlier.

Open url.png See Filter - latest version.


  • Filters in a grid in List mode: Edit rights are assigned to each user profile in the module associated with the menu item using the filter. Open url.png See User Profiles.

Best Practice

  • To display only previously defined filter criteria, select Simple Assisted Mode.
  • For filters defined using few criteria, switch to Simple Assisted Mode and select the fields you want from those available.

Menu access

  • Filters in a grid in List mode: Edit icon.png to the right of the Filter drop-down list

Screen description


  • To display a filter, select it from the drop-down list and click Edit Existing Filter.
  • Click Password close icon.png next to the filter to define access rights for each user profile.
  • Select the Default Filter box if you want this filter to be displayed by default when the menu item is opened in List mode.
  • Select the Interactive box in the relevant row to make the field dynamic.
  • Conditions are displayed only in Assisted Mode. They should be defined only for static fields.
    • The Equal to and Not equal to operators are not available if there are more than 30 values in the table. If this is the case, specify the list of values to be included or excluded from the search in an SQL query.

Assisted Mode: Used to define conditions for all fields in the query and for other manually added fields.
Two displays are available:

  • Full Mode: All fields are displayed.
  • Simple Mode: Only fields where a condition is defined will appear. Click Plus icon.png to add a new field. Click Minus icon.png to delete a field.

Advanced Mode: Used to define an SQL query that will include all of the fields in the data model. Fields in the parent query and other manually added fields whose Interactive box is selected will appear in the SQL query.



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