Service Manager - Administration Overview - UI Parameter

Last modified on 2022/05/28 10:54


Each menu option shows the records in List mode (grid) and Sheet mode (detail per unit). The configuration of the information to be displayed is performed through:

  • Filters: data selection and restriction of records to be displayed.
  • Views: display and presentation of data in the form of statistical reports, with groupings of data and an improved page layout.
  • Lists of values: display and presentation of the list of available values for a field in a table format.
  • An editor: presentation of datasheets.

The search of records is performed: 


  • Only profiles, authorized to edit can modify or configure these objects; only authorized profiles can view them.
  • Access to Quick Call and to Quick Dashboard are specific and have special rules. 
  • The working data are defined through parent queries, contextual to each menu option.
  • The records are updated through wizards.
  • You can configure the display of search results for certain search options in the Search Studio.  Open url.png See Configurable elements.
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