Folders of Reporting Tools, Integration Models and the Purging of Archives

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Folders facilitate management of Service Manager internal reporting tools such as alerts, trends or reportings, integration models and the purging of archives. They have been grouped together in a tree structure.



  • Each type of object has its own tree structure.
  • The root which is the highest level of the tree structure, identifies the function of the objects it contains.
  • Folders are defined below the root. They can contain subfolders associated with a parent folder.
  • Objects are associated with folders in the lowest level of the tree structure.

You can manage reporting tool folders and integration model folders for each profile to restrict their access to specific users by setting filters.


You can create folders to restrict access to reports in the Operation menu based on the user profiles.

  • Users with a Service Desk - Operator profile ==> Only access to reports associated with the Activity Monitoring folder.
  • Users with another profile ==> Access to all reports in the Operation menu.


  • Creation of a filter named All reports:
    • This filter is used to access reportings of all folders in the Operation menu.
    • It is accessible to all profiles except for Service Desk - Operator.
  • Creation of a filter named Activity Monitoring:
    • This filter is used to access only the reportings of the Activity Monitoring folder.
    • It is accessible only to the Service Desk - Operator profile.


  • Each type of object have their own menu option for accessing the management of folders. Then you define folders in the same way for each type of object.
  • By default, the roots of reporting tools are called Scheduled Alerts, Trends, and Reports.
  • You can create as many folders as required in each tree structure.
  • Only the root will not have a parent folder.


  • When you move or delete a folder, this will move or delete all of its subfolders.
  • You can create filters to manage integration models only by using the Administration > Integration > Integration Models menu.

Best Practice

  • You should create filter to facilitate management of reporting tools and integration models. Open url.png See the procedure.

Menu access

  • Integration model folders: Administration > Integration > Folders
  • Reporting tool folders:
    • Administration > Alerts > Scheduled Alerts Folders
    • Administration > Trends > Trend Folders
    • Administration > Reports > Reporting Folders
  • Purge archives folders: Administration > Purge > Purge archives folders

Screen description


Name: Name that identifies the folder.

Parent Folder: Name of the parent folder in the tree structure.

  • When you create a new folder, the default parent folder displayed is the one you selected in List mode.

Procedure and Wizards

How to create a filter to manage access to folders

Note: Only for reporting folders and integration model folders.

Caution: You can create filters to manage integration models only by using the Administration > Integration > Integration Models menu.

    Open url.png See the procedure.



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