Project Types

Last modified on 2022/05/28 10:54

To facilitate management, projects and project templates have been grouped together in folders arranged in a tree structure.

  • The root, the highest level of the tree structure, identifies the function of the projects or templates in the root folder.
  • Each folder below the level of the root folder can contain subfolders associated with a parent folder.
  • Projects and templates are associated with folders in the last level of the tree structure.


Development of a specific software, equipment deployment, software migration


  • You can create as many folders as required in the tree structure.
  • Only the root will not have a parent folder.


  • If you move or delete a folder, all of its subfolders will respectively be moved or deleted.

Menu access

Project > Project Types

Screen description

  Project types.png

Name: Name that identifies the folder.

Parent Folder: Name of the parent folder in the tree structure. When you create a new folder, the default parent folder displayed is the one you selected in List mode.

End of Validity: Date on which the project type can no longer be used for new projects or templates.


Reorganize Project Types

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