Platform Activity

Platform version

This screen provides information on the latest versions of components installed on the application server: EasyVista services, databases and PHP.

     Open url.png See the Service Manager architecture.

Menu access

Administration > Platform Activity > Platform Version

Screen description

  Platform version.png


  • smoBroker: Its role is to perform load balancing across the different application servers, count licenses, and notify all smoServer services of modifications to the platform configuration.
  • smoServer: This is the main service (application engine).
  • Easyvista Server: Its role is to manage communication between Service Manager and Service Apps and display infotips in Service Manager.


  • Data DB: This contains customer data, e.g. equipment, users, incidents, or workflows, for a given EasyVista account. 
  • Admin DB: This contains the technical configuration of the installation performed, e.g. location of data, number of accounts used. 
  • Reference DB: This contains references common to the account, namely certain default values that are required for the application to work correctly.
  • Config DB: This contains the configuration of the customer environment and interface, e.g. configuration of screens, filters, or views, for a given EasyVista account.
  • BackOffice DB: This contains the activity logs and temp tables used for integrations.

Change audit

This screen is used for tracing platform activity.


  • The objects and operations you can monitor are defined by EasyVista. You cannot add new ones.

Menu access

Administration > Platform Activity > Change Audit

Screen description

          Platform change audit.png

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