Pending Invoices


The Pending Invoices menu enables you to view all orders of assets, i.e. equipment, licenses or consumables, that have been partially invoiced or not yet invoiced.


You can use a specific wizard to book invoices in accounting based on supplier invoices.


  • Several orders can be associated with a given invoice if they are related to the same supplier.
  • Only orders partially or completely received will appear.
  • If the invoice corresponds to an invoice already defined for the supplier, the existing invoice will appear. New invoice details will be added to existing ones.
  • Common expenses can be added in the Common Expenses Catalog or via manual data entry.
  • Each invoiced item is broken down by analytical cost allocation.


  • You must add credit notes as common expenses by entering a negative amount.

Procedure and Wizards

How to create an invoice related to an order

Step 1: Selecting the orders for a supplier.

1. Select Financial Management > Invoices > Pending Invoices in the menu. 

2. Select the invoices for a given supplier.

3. Run the Invoice wizard.
         Pending Invoices.png

Step 2: Specifying the invoice header.

1. Select the supplier. 

2. Complete the information in the invoice.

3. Click Next.

Step 3: Specifying the invoice details.

1. (optional) Add common expenses.

  • You can click + Catalog Reference to add common expenses automatically.
  • Or you can click + Simple Data Entry to add them manually.

2. (optional) Add credit notes.

  • Add a row for common expenses via + Simple Data Entry .
  • Enter a negative amount.
  • Repeat these actions for all credit notes to be added.

3. Specify the analytical cost allocation.

4. Click Recalculate.
Invoiced and total amounts will be refreshed.

5. Click Finish.

  • The Invoice form will be created.
  • Orders that have been completely invoiced will disappear from the list.





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