Pending Invoices

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The Pending Invoices menu enables you to view all orders of assets, i.e. equipment, licenses or consumables, that have been partially invoiced or not yet invoiced.


You can use a specific wizard to book invoices in accounting based on supplier invoices.


  • Several orders can be associated with a given invoice if they are related to the same supplier.
  • Only orders partially or completely received will appear.
  • If the invoice corresponds to an invoice already defined for the supplier, the existing invoice will appear. New invoice details will be added to existing ones.
  • Common expenses can be added in the Common Expenses Catalog or via manual data entry.
  • Each invoiced item is broken down by analytical cost allocation.


  • You must add credit notes as common expenses by entering a negative amount.

Procedure and Wizards

How to create an invoice related to an order

Step 1: Selecting the orders for a supplier.

1. Select Financial Management > Invoices > Pending Invoices in the menu. 

2. Select the invoices for a given supplier.

3. Run the Invoice wizard.
         Pending Invoices.png

Step 2: Specifying the invoice header.

1. Select the supplier. 

2. Complete the information in the invoice.

3. Click Next.

Step 3: Specifying the invoice details.

1. (optional) Add common expenses.

  • You can click + Catalog Reference to add common expenses automatically.
  • Or you can click + Simple Data Entry to add them manually.

2. (optional) Add credit notes.

  • Add a row for common expenses via + Simple Data Entry .
  • Enter a negative amount.
  • Repeat these actions for all credit notes to be added.

3. Specify the analytical cost allocation.

4. Click Recalculate.
Invoiced and total amounts will be refreshed.

5. Click Finish.

  • The Invoice form will be created.
  • Orders that have been completely invoiced will disappear from the list.



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