Pending Deliveries

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The Pending Deliveries menu enables you to view all orders that have been partially received or not yet received. 


You can use specific wizards to place delivery receptions of assets, i.e. equipment, software or consumables, and to close order items in the event of stock shortages from the supplier.


  • Each reception is linked to a single order and is performed at a single delivery location (storage location).
  • Only users with access to the delivery location via their domain can perform the reception of orders.
  • If all items are closed because of stock shortages, the order will automatically be canceled.
  • Common expenses can be added in the Common Expenses Catalog or via manual data entry.
  • Each item received is broken down by analytical cost allocation.

Menu access

Service Operation > Logistics > Pending Deliveries

Procedure and Wizards

How to receive an order

Step 1: Create the delivery

1. Select Service Operation > Logistics > Pending Deliveries or Orders in the menu. 

          Pending deliveries.png

2. Select the items for a given order.

Step 2: Entry the delivery header


1. Run the Delivery Reception wizard.

2. Specify the main information in the delivery.

3. Click Next.

If the order has not yet been sent by the supplier, a non-blocking message will appear.

4. (Optional) Order items are associated with different delivery locations:

  • Select the order item you want to receive.
    Only order items to be received at this location will appear.
  • Click Next.

Step 3: Process the order rows.

1. Enter the quantities delivered for each order item.

  • Select the Balanced for Stock Shortage Supplier box if the supplier is unable to deliver all or part of the quantity ordered.
  • Specify the analytical cost allocation for each order item received.
  • Click Add icon.png to add items that were not specified in the initial purchase order. In this case, you can only specify the delivered quantity.

2. Enter the references of the order items received:

Automatically creation

  • Click Generate Bar Codes.
  • Indicate the root value (first characters of the bar code), the increment start value and the number of positions or characters after the root.

Manual creation

  • Click Enter the References.
  • Enter the asset tag and serial number for each item received.

3. Click Link to a Contract to add contracts associated with the delivery reception. Caution: You should first enter references before linking a contract. This is because you will not be able to return to the previous page after linking a contract.

Step 4: Confirm the delivery reception.

1. Click Finish.

2. (Optional) You can inform the IT Asset Manager of the delivery reception by sending an email.

All completely received order items will disappear from the list of open orders and from the list of pending deliveries.

Step 5 (Optional): Process the delivery reception for the other locations.

1. Run the wizard again for the other locations.


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