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The Logistics menu enables you to view stocks of assets, i.e. equipment, software or consumables, related to approved and validated service requests, change requests and investment requests that have not yet been processed.


You can use specific wizards to take the available items from stock, and to place orders when quantities are insufficient or unavailable.


  • You cannot take items from stock for investment requests.
  • Common expenses can be added via the catalog or via manual data entry.
  • Each item requested is broken down by analytical cost allocation.

Menu access

Service  Operation > Logistics > Logistics

Procedure and Wizards

How to process requests

Step 1: Displaying the unprocessed requests list.

1. Select Service  Operation > Logistics > Logistics in the menu.

Each row displays the asset in the request.


Step 2: Processing the request.

Take from stock (Note: Except for investment requests)

1. Select the rows you want to process.

2. Run the Take from Stock wizard.

3. Specify the asset tags of the items to be taken from stock.

4. Click Finish.


Place an order (insufficient stock)

1. Either create a new order:

  • Run the New Order wizard.
  • Specify the order details.
  • Click Generate Order.


2. Add new items to an existing order:

  • Select the rows you want to process.
  • Run the Add on Open Order wizard.
  • Select the relevant order.
  • Specify the order details.
  • Click Finish.


Add on Open Order
New Order
Take from Stock

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