Standard Build Catalog

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The standard build catalog lists all the software configuration (or masters) that can be associated with a workstation based on usage. 


Different reports, such as Installed Software and Software to Uninstall, are used to display the differences between the required configuration and the software actually installed on workstations.


  • Only software managed in the catalog can be associated with a standard build.

Menu access

References > Catalogs > Standard Build Catalog

Description of tabs

      Standard build catalog.png


Create a new item Delete an item or association with a related item

Run the New wizard at the top of the tab

Fundamentals - Form - New wizard.png

Move the cursor over the corresponding item and click Trash icon.png

Fundamentals - Form - Delete wizard.png

Alphabetical order of the tabs




Type: Type (full path displayed) associated with the current object.

example   Office configuration

Standard Build: Name of the software configuration.

Start of Availability/End of Availability: Period of validity of the standard build. At the end of the period, its status in the inventory is Archived. It can no longer be associated with equipment.


List of software defining the ideal configuration of the standard build.


List of equipment associated with the standard build.



List of discussions associated with the current object.

  • Users can access discussions based on their domain and the visibility of the discussion. Users must also belong to a group authorized to take part in discussions, i.e. in the Group form, the Discussion Enabled box must be selected.
  • Enter the keywords you want in the Search field and press <Enter>.
  • To cancel the search criteria and return to the complete list of discussions, provided you have the relevant rights, click within the box and then click Discussion - Delete icon.png.



List of documents associated with the current object.

History of Changes


List of all modifications made to the form.

Procedure: How to create a standard build

Step 1: Creating the catalog entry.

1. Select References > Catalogs > Standard Build Catalog in the menu.

2. Click + New.

3. Specify the information.

4. Click Finish.

The form will be created.

Step 2 (optional): Specifying software belonging to the configuration.

1. Go to the Details tab.

2. Click + New.

3. Select the software belonging to the configuration.

4. Click Finish.

Step 3 (optional): Associating the new standard build with a workstation.

1. Go to the equipment inventory.

2. Select the new configuration in the Standard Build field.

Best Practice icon.png  To associate several items of equipment with a given standard build: 

  • Go to the equipment inventory in List mode.
  • Select the equipment you want.
  • Run the Update wizard.
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