Green IT

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Green IT refers to the ecological management of IT equipment in terms of:

  • Energy consumption of IT infrastructure
  • Recycling of equipment


  • Recycling information can be specified when discarding an item of equipment and for equipment with a specified discard date.
    • You can modify this information in the equipment inventory as long as the discard date has not been reached. This information is based on projections.
    • Once the item of equipment has been discarded, you can only modify its information using the specific wizard available in the Green IT menu.

Best Practice

  • To display discarded equipment:
    • Display the equipment inventory or Green IT menu in List mode.
    • Select the Archived filter.
  • To display recycled equipment:
    • Display the Green IT menu in List mode.
    • Select the Recycled filter.

Characteristics specific to versions 2016 and earlier

  • Menu access: Asset Management > Equipment > Green IT

Menu access

Asset & Configuration > Equipment > Green IT

Screens description

Consumption monitoring

          Green IT - by location.png

The Location view displays the daily energy consumption of equipment by location.

Recycling monitoring

          Green IT - by equipment.png

The List view displays consumption and recycling information for all equipment.

  • Consumption: The hourly energy consumption and equipment usage rate inherited from the model.
  • Recycling: Contractor in charge of recycling, the equipment discard date and recycling date.

Procedures and wizards

How to update consumption information

Note: You can specify consumption information in the Equipment Catalog

  • New items of equipment will inherit this information.
  • If you modify information in the catalog entry, it will not be propagated to the Equipment forms. Proceed as described below to modify forms.

Step 1: Open the Equipment form.

1. Select Asset & Configuration > Equipment > Inventory in the menu.

2. Click Display popup icon.png to open the form you want.

Step 2: Enter consumption information for the item of equipment.

1. Enter the relevant information in the Consumption section at the bottom of the Details tab.

2. Click Save icon.png Save.

How to update recycling information

Step 1: Discard the item of equipment.

1. Select Asset & Configuration > Equipment > Inventory in the menu.

2. Select the item of equipment you want to modify.

3. Run the Discard wizard.

4. Specify the information on the discarding and recycling of the equipment.

Step 2: Update recycling information.

1. Select Asset Management > Equipment > Green IT and display items in List mode.

2. Select the item of equipment you want to modify.
Caution: You can only modify equipment whose discard date is reached.

3. Run the Recycling of Assets wizard.
Note: A message will appear if recycling information was already entered using the Discard wizard. Click Yes to continue.

4. Update the information on the recycling of the equipment.

5. Click Finish.
The Equipment form will be updated.


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