Contract Financial Data

Last modified on 2022/05/28 10:53

Different views enable you to monitor contracts.

Payment Schedule

      Contract - Report Payment schedule.png

Menu access: Asset & Configuration > Contracts > Payment Schedule

View displaying the monthly payment amount for current contracts, by period.

End of Lease Returns

      Contract - Report End of lease returns.png

Menu access: Asset Management > Contracts > End of Lease Returns

View displaying the equipment associated with a leasing contract to be returned, by month.

Best Practice icon.png  To extend the duration of a contract, open the Equipment form and launch the Extension of Use wizard.

Contract Renewal Decision

      Contract - Report Renawal decision.png

Menu access: Asset & Configuration > Contracts > Contract Renewal Decision

View displaying the contracts where a renewal decision must be made, by expiry date.

  • The expiry date takes into consideration the contract duration and the renewal notice.

    example  Scheduled expiry date: 10/26/2015, Notice: 3 months
         ==>  Last date for contract renewal decision: latest by 07/26/2015


Contract Renewal Decision

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