Common Expenses Catalog

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The common expenses catalog lists all incidental acquisition expenses that can be charged by suppliers in addition to the cost of invoiced equipment, software or consumables.

  • These expenses are taken into account during invoicing and can be booked in an analytical cost account.
  • The amount for each type of expenses can be common to all suppliers or specific to a given supplier. If required, you should enter an override (a specific amount) for the relevant supplier.


  • Costs for delivery, onsite installation service fee
  • A supplier works with a specific shipping company that applies different rates: You can enter an amount specific to this supplier to take these rates into account.

Menu access

References > Catalogs > Common Expenses Catalog

Description of tabs

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Create a new item Delete an item or association with a related item

Run the New wizard at the top of the tab

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Move the cursor over the corresponding item and click Trash icon.png

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Description: Description of the type of expenses.

Default Amount: Amount charged back for the type of expenses. 

  • You can enter a specific amount in the Suppliers tab.


List of suppliers with specific conditions for the type of expenses.

History of Changes


List of all modifications made to the form.

Procedure: How to create an entry in the catalog

Step 1: Creating the catalog entry.

1. Select References > Catalogs > Common Expenses Catalog in the menu.

2. Click + New.

3. Specify the information.

4. Click Finish.

The form will be created.

Step 2 (optional): Defining specific conditions on certain suppliers.

1. Go to the Suppliers tab.

2. Click + New.

3. Specify the information.

4. Click Save.

5. Repeat these actions for each supplier.

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